As adults, we love to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. A break from work, somewhere with wonderful weather, taking time out to make memories with our loved ones, but holidays are also much more than simply a nice treat for the kids. Discover why taking the children away for a holiday is so beneficial…


Kids also need a break

Kids also need break

It’s easy to simply dismiss the need for the kids to have a break. While you spend your weekends working extra shifts, or getting on top of the housework, they spend their time lazing in bed or playing video games, but kids do need a break, and change is very good for them.


A time to bond with family

With our busy lives, many of us just don’t spend the time together as a family that we’d like to. When you go on holiday, it’s the perfect opportunity to increase those family bonds. Spending fun time in your pool together, dining out as a family, beach days and trips out, or simply enjoying a movie in the luxury and comfort of your villa.


New interests can grow

A holiday can spark an interest that could last a lifetime or create a new dream for a future career. Take in historical sights, visit a zoo, or discover a new sport.


It promotes cultural awareness

Experiencing different cultures first hand is the perfect way to introduce the concept that the world is not the same all over, that people are different, they have different ways, different foods and yet in many ways they are very similar to us. It’s important for kids to feel part of the world as a whole rather than just a part of their own small community.


Great for fitness

With childhood obesity levels on the rise, encouraging the kids to get more exercise is always a good idea, and when you make it fun, you’re giving them a love of fitness that could keep them healthy throughout their lifetime. When you book a villa with a private pool, you’ll know they’re safe, they’re having fun, and they’re getting lots of exercise too.


It boosts confidence and self esteem

It boosts confidence and self esteem

Learning new skills is great for giving youngsters a confidence boost. Perhaps they’ll learn to swim in the pool, or master a new sport. Maybe you’ll set a goal to walk a certain distance and feel that sense of achievement when you reach your final destination. Learning a few words in the local language can make kids feel great when they can say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’, returning home to show off their new skills to their friends.


Anxieties are reduced

Having fun times as a family, away from any worries about school work or their peers can really help children who are anxious. Being away is a break, but it also gives them a sense of perspective.


Social skills are learned

Meeting new people gives kids a chance to learn valuable social skills. Children seem to be very good at making friends, and perhaps they’ll be able to write to them when they return home, also improving their written communication skills.


Memories are made

Think back over your childhood and the highlights often include family holidays. The holiday you book now, could be looked back on fondly by your kids for decades to come. So pick out your perfect holiday villa in the Protaras area and you’ll be close to golden sand beaches, amazing historic sites, wonderful walks and of course you’ll have your very own swimming pool right on your doorstep. Your holiday may only last a week or two, but those magical memories will last a lifetime. To find out more about a villa holiday in Protaras, check out our website.

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