Summer has an addictive power over all of us that madly in love with the sea; and while being the healthiest addiction ever, waiting a whole year for the next summer to come can be excruciating.

Summer-time in this part of the Mediterranean boasts pleasantly warm temperatures throughout the day, making sunbathing and swimming in its stunning beaches all the more enjoyable.


1. Nissi Beach

nissi beach

Famed as a genuine paradisiac spot, Nissi Beach seems all the more inspiring and enchanting during summer. Without throngs of tourists flooding its shore, you will have the chance to lay your back on its white-sand beach and dive leisurely in its turquoise blue, clear waters, having the gentle sounds of calm waves and captivating Mediterranean landscape overwhelming your senses.


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2. Makronissos

An authentic oasis of rest and relaxation, Makronissos Beach loses some of its inner charm when covered from beach umbrellas and sun-loungers. In contrast, its soft sandy embrace and revitalising turquoise waters seem to magically rid all the tense, anxiety and worries from your mind and body when all you see around is your family and friends and the mesmerising surroundings of Ayia Napa.


3. Ayia Thekla

This recently developed area on the western edge of Ayia Napa accretes swarms of bathers with its magnificent palette of emerald and cobalt hues blending in this quaint little cove and its rocky islands – and having it all for yourself just makes the whole experience even more exhilarating!


4. Konnos Bay

konnos bay

Being a oneiric Blue Flag beach, just a couple of kilometres east of Ayia Napa and very close to the majestic rugged coastline of Cavo Greco, the Konnos Bay turns into a magnet for both tourists and locals at high season, thus often making it difficult to fully enjoy its fine whitish sand and azure coloured waters.

In contrast, summer time time brings forth Konnos’ unadulterated beauty, allowing you to enjoy its tranquil waters and soul-healing landscape almost as if it had been your private secluded haven, especially during the sunsets.


5. Grecian Bay Beach

Having more names than any other beach or site in Cyprus, the Grecian Bay beach features a diversity catering for peoples of all ages and fancies. Being the closest coast to the centre of Ayia Napa, the Grecian Bay encompasses the quaint little harbour, a long sweep of fine sand and ends where the magnificent sea caves of Ayia Napa start.

Ideal for families who prefer relaxation to wild parties, the Grecian Bay divulges all its traits to visitors who wish to combine sunbathing and swimming with all sorts of watersports.


Summer lovers of the world, summer time in Ayia Napa is probably nature’s gift to you. You have the chance to relish heavenly beaches, amazing views, enchanting landscapes and thrilling outdoor activities at much better prices, being mostly surrounded by your families and friends – almost like a privately-owned paradise.

Intrigued? Book now the villa of your dreams a few paces away from one of the beaches mentioned above in Ayia Napa!


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