A holiday with your loved one is a wonderful opportunity and a lovely break from everyday life. Quality time spent together without distraction, the pleasure of the sun beaming down on you, leisurely romantic meals and exploring a new place. It’s the perfect time to let go of all your stress and reconnect with that which is important. Nature, your special relationship and your own thoughts and ideas.

Your perfect holiday needs the perfect villa, but this isn’t a choice you should make lightly. A wonderful villa that’s just right for you is out there just waiting for your booking, so follow our tips to ensure your holiday villa perfectly suits the needs of you and your love…


Start planning early

Choose a villa together

Planning a holiday is fun and having that wonderful break away to look forward to is such a pleasure. When life gets busy, you just have to picture yourself in your villa and all that stress fades away. Book early and you’ll ensure you get the villa you really want with all the luxurious facilities you desire, and it also gives you longer to look forward to it, which is a joy in itself!


Choose a villa together

Choosing a villa is very enjoyable. You’ll have plenty of choice as you browse the luxury accommodation available from Imagine Villas. So be sure to share this pleasurable pastime together.  Discuss all your needs and any special extras you’d really love such as a roof terrace with terrific panoramic views, a large private pool or easy access to a romantic secluded golden-sand beach. When you view the properties you’ll easily be able to picture yourselves there. Taking a dip in the pool, dining alfresco on local fresh food and romantic evenings on your balcony, just the two of you, soaking up the ambiance and making treasured memories.


Put together an itinerary

You’ll certainly find plenty to do in Cyprus. Whether you’d like to try a new sport, go hiking on nature trails with stunning views, visit historic sites or make the most of the beautiful blue flag beaches, you can do it all here. Putting together a plan that you’ve worked on together is a lot of fun and a great way to discover more that this fascinating island has to offer. But remember to schedule in lots of relaxing pools days to make the most of your magnificent villa.


So why not start choosing your romantic holiday now?

So why not start choosing your romantic holiday now

Book your dream holiday villa and give yourself something wonderful to get excited about and look forward to. Check out our website for our stunning selection of incredible luxury holiday villas. Your next holiday is waiting for you, and tremendous memories are waiting to be made. 

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