The sun is shining, you’re feeling in the party mood, so it’s time to get your friends and family together for a pool party that’s going to be out of this world! You really want your party to be fantastic. A party that everyone will enjoy and they’ll remember for years to come, or at least until you throw your next pool party! Here’s how to create a memorable pool party that’s fun for everybody…


Choose a theme

A themed party is always fun, and once you have a theme, the ideas for food, drink and decorations will flow more easily. Go crazy with your theme ideas, it’s your party so do whatever you want. You could have a party themed around your favourite period of history. How about an Ancient Egypt or Roman-themed party? Or perhaps more recent history could make a comeback with 60s flower power or a 70s disco vibe? Go bright colours with a Hawaiian theme or simply pick a colour and match everything to that. You’re only limited by your imagination, and if you’re stuck for ideas, just search online for party theme ideas, you’ll find hundreds to choose from.


Keep it simple to save the stress

Planning the perfect party can sometimes leave you with so much work you don’t actually enjoy your own party! So try and keep things as simple as possible to reduce the workload. Opting for disposable plates, cutlery and glasses will save on clearing up, and help to prevent accidents should anyone drop their drink. Choose food that is simple to prepare, can be made in advance, or just buy it in!


Decorations will set the party scene

Bunting, garlands, balloons, they’ll all make the pool area look like a true party zone. If you’re celebrating an event then, of course, a banner stating the nature of the celebration is almost obligatory.  Match your decorations to your theme and your guests will be in the party spirit the minute they step into the property.


A BBQ is always a good option

For the food, a BBQ is a great choice as it’s so easy to prepare and a wide range of food can be cooked on it. You’ll also get that beautiful aroma in the air! Be sure to cater for everyone and have plenty of vegetarian options available, as well as a selection of side dishes that you can prepare in advance.


Invent your own cocktail 

No doubt you’ll have plenty of drinks ready for your guests, but why not create your own signature cocktail for the event? You could name it after your theme. Don’t forget a non-alcoholic version too so those who don’t drink, drivers and children can all enjoy your creation too.


An easy dessert that’s sure to please

Everyone loves dessert, so for a special dessert that’s incredibly easy, create your own ice cream station. Have a selection of ice creams available for your guests to choose from, and a really good selection of toppings, nicely presented in jars or bowls. From nuts and chocolate chips to fresh strawberries, sprinkles, jelly sweets, marshmallows and cookie pieces. Your guests are going to love it and there’s so little effort involved.

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