The Mediterranean sun is usually one of the reasons why people visit the region, and it is fantastic to feel the rays beaming down on you, especially if the weather is cold back home, but it’s really important to protect yourself too, to make sure you’re safe and your holiday isn’t spoilt because you didn’t take the correct precautions. Here are our top 5 tips for ensuring you’re fully protected from the Mediterranean sun

Wear Light Clothing

  1. Wear Light Clothing

Breathable, natural materials are the best for keeping you cool in hot weather. So opt for cotton or linen. Some fabrics used for summer clothing such as polyester and nylon may look perfect, but when you come to wear them, they simply don’t breathe, leaving you sweaty and uncomfortable, so always read the labels before you before you buy your holiday wardrobe. Also choose lighter colours such as white and pastel shades. Dark colour will absorb more heat and so make you feel hotter. Opt for a loose fit so air can circulate around your clothing and it won’t chafe.

  1. Drink well

In hot temperatures we are losing far more water through sweat than we usually do. In addition, it’s likely you’ll be exerting more energy than usual if you’re exploring a new city than when you’re back home sat at your desk all day, so it’s vital to keep well hydrated. Failing to drink enough water can leave you feeling ill and lacking in energy, so keep drinking water throughout the day and be wary of alcoholic drinks as they can also have an adverse effect. It’s wise to leave the alcohol until the evening if you do like a drink, and then drink only in moderation.

Eat fresh

  1. Eat fresh

Another great way to keep hydrated is to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating well in the Mediterranean is easy as the Mediterranean diet is naturally very healthy and you’ll have no trouble finding wonderful fresh produce available in all the restaurants. Opt for foods with a high water content such as soups and salad. Steer clear of foods that are hard to digest as the digestive process heats up your body, so avoid foods that are high in protein, fibre and sugars.

  1. Protect your skin

A good sunscreen is vital in the Mediterranean and it’s very important to keep reapplying throughout the day, especially if you’re in and out of the pool or the sea. The sun will be at its peak between around 10am and 4pm so consider sitting in the shade during the middle of the day. Even on a cloudy day you must apply your sun screen as even if it doesn’t look too sunny, the sun’s rays can still burn you.

Pay attention to your health while exercising

  1. Pay attention to your health while exercising

There are so many great opportunities to exercise in the Mediterranean, from water sports to cycling and hiking. You won’t want to miss out on these fun activities, and of course exercise is very good for you, but exercising in the heat is different to exercising at home in cooler weather, so it’s really important not to overdo it, and to accept you may not be able to do quite as much as you would normally. Listen to your body and if you feel dizzy, overly tired, nauseous or suffer from muscle cramps, ease off on the exertion.

Enjoy your trip

Follow these tips and you’ll have a wonderful holiday, you can make the most of all the benefits that this sun-filled region brings, without jeopardising your health and well-being.

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