Villa rentals are growing in popularity as they offer comfort, luxury, privacy and several other benefits that simply put kick hotels out our option lists.

Still, no matter how nice is as a problem, choosing the perfect villa is a problem. Whether you are planning a relaxed family vacation or a romantic summer escape, somewhere is the ideal villa waiting for you. The wide range of options is both a blessing and curse, but this article will help you put some things in order and limit down your options until you find what you are looking for.

We have categorized villa features based on the type of the vacation interesting you – couples, families and groups of friends.


Villas for Couples

Naturally, private villas ensure by default far better privacy than any given hotel room, featuring private pools, gardens and interiors, away from the bustle and hassle of anything that could destroy your much desired romantic seclusion. In order to find the right villa for such a special occasion, pay attention to the following tips:

  • Opt for a more secluded villa and avoid options near the resort’s centre, thus avoiding indiscreet looks with some land around it, if possible. Avoiding high season can do a lot to ensure a bit of peace and quiet, but if you can’t make a list of villas situated on private estates or gated properties, which are often much quieter than nearby resorts flooding with tourists. 

couples villa inner

  • If you are wondering about safety, check carefully what the villa’s features: is there an in-room safe for your valuables? How sensitive is the installed alarm system?
  • Prefer villas with outdoor pools and, if possible, with Jacuzzi.
  • Location is very important if you plan to travel without a car or another means of transportation but also wish for privacy and seclusion. There are villas that on the outskirts of bigger resorts or towns (like Protaras Ayia Napa), allowing easy access to shops and nightlife along with the privacy you wish for.

Villas for Larger Families & Groups

This category interests mostly those of you who plan a classic family vacation (possibly having with you another friendly family or couple) or relatively large groups of friends. Many people prefer renting a nice and cozy villa than booking individual rooms, thus ensuring far better privacy and saving a considerable amount of money. Here are a few tips you need to take into account in this case:

  • Check for villas that have the necessary number of bedrooms. Check whether they have enough bathrooms (en-suite bathrooms would serve even better).
  • Write down the outdoor activities of all people planning to come with you and then check for villas located in areas that cater for such activities. If for example you love hiking, it would be a good idea to opt for a villa well hidden in hills or mountains. If watersports are your favorite activity, then villas a few feet away from where the waves crush would prove a much better option.
  • Safety is another important factor if you plan to take children with you. Check the actual depth of the pool and other similar features. Certain villas, for example, have their pools gated for extra safety.
  • If there is a person among you with some sort of physical disability then check for villas designed to cater for such needs. For example, renting a villa up on a hill wouldn’t be very thoughtful if one of your friends or relatives uses a wheeled chair – neither if the interior is full of staircases.
  • Many times families and large groups also face the problem of frequent transportation. If you are among them, then you should also opt for a villa relatively close to amenities, such as bus stops, supermarkets, restaurants, clubs, and, of course, beaches. You don’t need to have them all a few paces away, but at least a pleasant walk from your base.

family villas 

Villa rentals are growing in popularity in Cyprus, mainly because they have gained fame as comfortable, elegant and luxurious – and in excellent prices. So, follow our advice and you will surely find one suiting your needs and wants.

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