Your holiday is a big deal. You save up for it, you look forward to it, and you have certain expectations of what your holiday is going to entail. But do you ever return home and just feel that your holiday wasn’t quite right for you? That you hadn’t enjoyed it as much as you’d expected to? Perhaps you feel exhausted or you simply felt rather bored while you were away. The trouble is, not every holiday suits every personality, so when someone recommends a holiday destination that they really love, it doesn’t mean you will too. So here’s how to choose your holiday based on your own personality…

Are you an extrovert or an introvert

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

If you’re an extrovert, pick a destination with lots going on, a city would be a good choice, a large one with a good nightlife. You’ll want a busy schedule so look for destinations packed with thrills such as theme parks, water parks and sports. If you’re an introvert you can opt for a more peaceful destination, one with beautiful views, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Somewhere with interesting places to visit such as picturesque churches, art galleries and nature trails.


Are you nervous or laid back?

If you tend to feel apprehensive when you go on holiday, then choose a destination that has a lot in common with your home country. Pick a place with a low crime rate and check restaurant reviews before you go, to ensure you’ll find food you’re comfortable with eating. If you’re more the laid back type then a popular resort with lots of opportunity to try new things and meet new people may be more your style.

 Are you more open or closed

Are you more open or closed?

Open people love to explore new places, revisiting a familiar destination can be nice as long as the experience is very different, discovering a new area or trying new activities. Closed people tend to enjoy the familiarity of a favourite destination, reliving memories of previous holidays, comfortable in the knowledge that they have their bearings immediately, and feel at home.


Are you similar to most others or are you different?

Do you feel you have a lot in common with other people, or do you feel distant, do people refer to you as being eccentric? If you are an eccentric type, you will probably enjoy holidays that other people would describe as odd, perhaps an activity holiday in an unusual destination. For those more conservative types, taking recommendations from others can be a good idea, you may well enjoy a holiday that the majority of other people like.

 How conscientious are you

How conscientious are you?

Do you love planning your holidays to the tiniest detail or would you rather just book your holiday then forget about it, going with the flow once you’ve got there? Some holidays take more planning than others, so if you don’t love the organising phase, then a trip that involves several flights and different accommodation would perhaps not be the best choice for you.


Cyprus – the perfect destination for all personality types

So how do you decide where to go, especially if your party has several different personalities. Well, Cyprus is the ideal destination because it has something for everyone. From tranquil nature trails and picture perfect remote churches, to high adrenaline water sports and fantastic night life. Everyone will find the holiday they desire in Cyprus, and with a luxury villa from Imagine Villas, you’ll have all the space you need to holiday in the style that best suits you.

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