It’s lovely to take a break in autumn and Cyprus is the perfect destination for your autumnal holiday this year. The temperature is still hot enough to sunbathe and swim in the sea, but without being uncomfortably hot. In the peak of summer the sun can be just too much for many of us, forcing us indoors while the sun is at its hottest. In autumn, you’ll feel comfortable all day, giving you more time to get out and about, discovering more of this special island.

While you have all the activities and attractions in autumn as you would in summer, you have some extra delights such as the wonderful autumnal scenery. Take a hike in the Troodos mountains and delight your senses with the rich oranges, gold and crimson hues of the autumn foliage. It truly is magical. Just imagine, taking a dip in the warm ocean in the morning, then heading out for a mountain hike in the afternoon!


Beautiful beaches without the crowds

Beautiful beaches without the crowds

The majority of tourists will have left the island, leaving you with a feeling of tranquillity, when even the most popular beaches are now quiet and peaceful. Coral Bay is a great place to visit in autumn as in summer this does get busy due to the wonderful golden sands and the stunning backdrop of the cliffs. In autumn you’ll get some amazing photographs too. There are so many hidden beaches in Cyprus, if you want one all to yourself you can actually find one if you’re prepared to get away from the most popular beaches and find the more isolated or less frequented beaches such as Lara Bay and Latchi Beach.


Enjoy the best autumn scenery

Enjoy the best autumn scenery

The autumn scenery in Cyprus is just gorgeous, and there are some great places to get the most breathtaking views and take some stunning photographs of the vibrant autumn colours. Head to the top of Platres village for beautiful views across the Troodos mountains or take a trip to the Kalidonia Waterfall, one of the tallest waterfalls in Cyprus, and watch the waters cascade 12 metres down the cliffs. There is a road to the waterfall, but why not take the take the nature trail and make the most of the surrounding scenery.


A picture perfect picnic

In Cyprus, autumn is still great weather for a picnic and you’ll find some amazing spots to relax, enjoy your food and take in the views. The picnic area in the heart of the Platania Forest is idyllic at this time of year, and you’ll find plenty of picnic benches available so you can enjoy your meal in comfort. There are also several designated picnic sites within the Troodos National Park.


Book your autumn break today

Book your autumn break today

Cyprus truly is exceptional in the autumn, it’s the ideal time to visit. If you’ve never been to Cyprus before, it’s a lovely chance to see all that Cyprus has to offer, and if you’re a regular summer visitor, a trip in the autumn will show you another side to this beautiful island. Visit Imagine Villas and choose your perfect villa as the ideal base for your autumn holiday to Cyprus.

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