Cyprus is a fabulous holiday destination. You’ve got year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, wonderful walks, but you’ve also got the delicious Cyprus cuisine. With influences from three continents, the dishes of Cyprus are truly unique and something you must try on your next trip to the island. But you must remember to leave room for something sweet as we’ve got some amazing sweets for you to try too. Here are some of our favourites…



A middle eastern favourite, baklava was invented by the Ottomans and remains popular to this day. If you’ve only tried one Cyprus sweet, it’s probably baklava. Made with layers of pastry and covered with honey and syrup, it simply melts in the mouth.


Glyko Tou Koutaliou

Glyko Tou Koutaliou, or spoon sweets are simply fruits preserved in a delicious thick syrup, although nuts and vegetables are also used, and walnuts are particularly tasty. You’ll find a wide range available, from cherry and grapefruit to quince and Seville orange. They are presented as small bite-sized treats.



This dense, rich cake is made from cream of wheat and matsoni, a fermented milk and then covered with a delicious lemon syrup.



Cyprus is home to many Carob trees and the pods of these trees have a delicious sweetness. These pods are used to make pastelli, a type of toffee. The carob syrup is caramelised and spun then set into flat slabs. You’ll find it available all over the island and it’s a great snack. There are plenty of different varieties to try, mixed with seeds or chopped nuts.



Strings of nuts, usually almonds or walnuts are dipped into a thickened grape juice mixture many times until the nuts are covered in a thick layer of the gelatinous grape juice. These are then hung in the sunshine until they dry out and are ready to eat as shoushouko.



Made in a similar way to shoushouko, palouze uses the same grape juice mixture, but it is not left to dry, Instead, it is served up in a bowl semi-set and covered with chopped nuts.

Sugared Almonds

Sugared Almonds

Sugared almonds taste as beautiful as they look, and it’s their pretty appearance that has made them a popular choice for wedding favours. But you’ve never truly experienced a sugared almond until you’ve tasted one that has been freshly made. So head to the loukoumi-making shops in Geroskipou village in Paphos for an authentic sugared almond taste sensation.


Discover the sweet world of Cyprus

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