There are so many reasons to visit Cyprus, beautiful blue flag beaches, the wonderful weather, stunning views, but there’s one thing that will blow you away when you stay in Cyprus, and that’s the food! You’ll find fresh produce, perfectly cooked in traditional style in bars and restaurants all over the island. Cypriot food is both healthy and delicious, once tasted you’ll fall in love with the local cuisine. Here are five traditional Cypriot dishes that you really must try next time you’re in Cyprus…


1. Koupepia and gemista

koupepia and gemista

Every true Cypriot family will have a recipe for koupepia and gemista passed down through the generations. Koupepia is vine leaves, stuffed with a delicious filling made from mince meat, rice, tomatoes, onions and herbs. Gemista is similar, but it uses vegetables instead of vine leaves. From peppers to tomatoes, these tender roasted stuffed vegetables are nutritious and utterly delectable.


2. Kolokouthkia me ta afka

Kolokouthkia me ta afka means courgettes with egg. It’s a simple dish, but don’t dismiss it if you think it sounds dull, as it’s actually incredibly flavoursome. The courgettes are fried, and mixed with salted scrambled eggs. It’s lovely just on its own, but it also makes for a gorgeous side dish. You’ll find this widely available on the menus of restaurants throughout Cyprus and it’s one you really must try!


3. Souvlakia and sheftalia

souvlakia and sheftalia 

Souvlakia is no ordinary kebab! This traditional Cypriot dish consists of a thin pitta bread, filled with small pieces of meat, usually pork or chicken, that has been chargrilled on a skewer, giving it that wonderful barbecue flavour. To this is added some fresh salad and it’s often served up with sheftalia, grilled spicy sausage parcels.


4. Makronia tou fournou

If you’re feeling hungry and are looking for something on the menu that will fill you up, then you can’t go wrong with makronia tou fournou. This dish is a baked pasta dish using macaroni, quite similar to lasagne with a bechamel sauce and minced pork in a tomato sauce, but the main appeal of this dish is that it’s made with halloumi, the cheese that Cyprus is famous for. Thin slices of cheese are sprinkled on the top to give it a crispy topping that you’ll truly adore.


5. Souvla


Souvla is a traditional Easter dish in Cyprus, but it’s too good not to eat it all year round! It’s a great dish as it works as well as a snack or light lunch, as it does a main meal with other accompaniments. Souvla is generous chunks of meat from the neck or shoulder, usually lamb, pork of chicken. This is slow cooked on a skewer over charcoal until it is beautifully tender and succulent.


Enjoy these dishes on your next holiday in Cyprus

Eating out is a highlight of any holiday, and it’s always nice to sample the local cuisine. You certainly won’t be disappointed when you try these traditional Cypriot dishes that will keep you coming back again and again. If we’ve inspired you to explore the culinary delights of this beautiful island, why not check out our website and pick out the perfect villa for your holiday?

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