The clock is ticking… for your Summer holidays!

Thinking it a bit too early? No, that is a gross mistake. In fact, shrewd and seasoned travelers have already started – if not finished - their summer escape preparations, for time and experience has taught them that…


1. ...Early Preparations Mean Wise Destination Decisions

Wise decisions regarding your destination, need extensive research - hence, they require ample time.

Finding the place where you will have your precious summer break and spend a considerable amount of your annual savings is not a trifle, and leaving it for the last minute maybe have worked out for you in some cases in the past, but, let us be frank, there have been disappointments too, haven’t they?

Why gamble on it then? Take your time, and while sipping your hot cup of coffee and wish to relax during Sunday mornings, take some time to ponder on the sights you would like to see up close, the things you would like to do – at the rates you deem affordable.


2. ...Fantastic Summer Escapes Rest on Proper Savings

fantastic summer escapes rest on proper savingsteaser 

And proper savings require months. Would it not be a great disappointment to get all excited about a great destination and then find out you cannot afford it – and, even worse, that you do not have enough time to save up the sum necessary to cover the expenses. Besides, staying in a great destination but not having the chance to enjoy all the attractions and activities it offers would be a terrible shame.

Hence, start your preparations and make sure everything goes smoothly.

First, write down your present expenses and identify the areas that could stand some saving. Include even relatively small expenditures, such as unnecessary purchases, which could amount to an important percentage of your overall expenses.

Next, take all these notes and make the most of them. Starting early these preparations will allow you to gather a considerable sum, that could prove the key to enjoying fully your summer vacation.


3. ...Early Planning Means Cheap Flights

Understandably, the sooner you make up your mind about where you will travel, the better prices and rates you get regarding flight tickets.


4. ...Allows for Last-Minute Bargains

Again, time is of the essence in such cases. Booking just before traveling is the perfect recipe to drain your bank account before even setting your foot on your summer destination.

On the contrary, early preparations provide you plenty of time to search for favorable deals or last-minute bargains.


5. ...Timely Preparations Allows for Perfect Activities Plan

timely preparation allows for perfect activities planteaser

Last but not least, having 3 – 4 months before making your trip leaves you ample time to discover all the activities and events scheduled during your stay in your chosen destination, check their expenses and decide which ones you simply must see up close and book tours and tickets online – at better rates.

Planning your itinerary correctly is always the key to a joyful summer holiday – and starting early is the best way to sketch it out the best way possible.

Yes, early booking lies in the heart of a joyful summer – especially when it comes to accommodation. In fact, during the winter, some of the most stunning by-the-beach villas are offered at extremely low rates! Click here and claim your offer!




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