As adults, we can often get the feeling that we ‘need’ a holiday. With all the stresses of our busy lives, having a holiday to look forward to can make all the difference. Time out from rushing around, taking the kids to school, going to work, keeping on top of the housework. It’s wonderful to just sit back and relax once in a while. A week or two with nothing else to do but stroll along the beach or read a book by the pool is just heavenly. When it comes to the kids, you know they’re going to enjoy their holiday, but do they really need it in the same way you do? Well actually yes, their lives are different, but a holiday can be incredibly beneficial for young people. Read on to find out why…

Kidsneed break too

  1. Kids need a break too

You might think that kids have an easy life. We look back on our childhood days as simple, fun times, but kids can really benefit from a change of scene as much as adults. A break from the schoolwork and other activities. Time to relax in a different way. Instead of time spent in front of the TV, time can spent having fun in the pool or exploring the countryside.


  1. The perfect family bonding time

The perfect family bonding time

How much time do you really spend together as a family? We are all so busy, we have our own hobbies and interests, not to mention all the jobs that need doing. Going on holiday as a family gives you the time to truly connect. Quality time, having uninterrupted fun, growing those family bonds and making memories together that will last a lifetime. It’s a chance to put aside the mobile phones and turn off the TV, spending time chatting, exploring and enjoying your surroundings.


  1. Creating perspective alleviates stress and anxiety

Young people can often have pressures and anxieties that we cannot truly understand. Perhaps an issue with friends at school or worries about exams. Stepping away from everyday life and realising that there is a big world out there can help kids to gain a positive perspective on their own life.


  1. It’s great for building social skills

great for building socialskills

A holiday, particularly an overseas holiday is great for meeting new people and improving social and communication skills. Kids love to make new friends on holiday and these social skills learned now will put them in good stead for later life when communication is key to everyday life and careers.


  1. It will help them to understand and appreciate other cultures

Exposure to other cultures will enable young people to discover that there are many different people and places, yet they will see the similarities between themselves and others. You can teach kids about other cultures, but there’s no comparison to experiencing them for themselves. Foreign travel can promote greater empathy and this is such an important and positive outlook to have.


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