When you’re choosing your next family holiday you’ll have some decisions to make. Planning a holiday is fun, but make the wrong choices and your holiday may not be the dream relaxing break you’d hoped for. We think a villa holiday is the best holiday of all when you’re travelling as a family and here’s why…

5 Reasons to Book a Villa for your Next Family Holiday inner

  1. Hotel rooms are just no fun for families

Hotel rooms always seem to be a bit of a squeeze. They may say that the room sleeps five, but when you get there, you’re tripping over a pull-out bed and someone has to sleep on the sofa. It’s not ideal and there’s certainly not a lot of privacy for anyone. When you’re all in one room, no one can get any space and the only place to escape to may be a small balcony if you’re lucky enough to get one.  When you book a villa, you can choose one that is just the right size for your family. Everyone can have their own bedroom and you’ll have lots of areas, both inside and out, to spend time together, but also apart, which could be even more important if you’re travelling with teenagers.


  1. Your own pool is a big bonus

Your ownpool a big bonus

One of the great benefits of booking a private villa is that you can have a pool all to yourselves! The pool will never be overcrowded, so you’ll always be able to swim some lengths and keeping an eye on the kids is much easier when there aren’t dozens of other children playing in the pool. A pool all to yourself is such a wonderful luxury. Be the first one up in the morning and you can have the entire pool all to yourself!


  1. A villa holiday adapts to your needs

You can make a villa holiday anything you want it to be. If you want a tranquil, relaxing holiday, you can spend your time sunbathing on your terrace, perhaps strolling down to the sea front for a leisurely evening meal. If you’re looking for a lively holiday then you can get some music playing, light the barbecue and have a pool party into the night. You have your own private family space, and plenty of it, so you don’t have to worry about being surrounded by other people, nor are you tied to a timetable of hotel meals as you would in an all-inclusive hotel. Your holiday is what you make it, and you can make it perfect.


  1. Ideal for extended families

If you’re travelling with extended family, in-laws, grandparents, a large villa can make a huge difference. Sometimes travelling in a larger group can be a little fraught, but when you have plenty of space you’ll all get on brilliantly. You’ll have places to enjoy your time together, but you’ve always got the option of getting away from everyone for a rest should you need to.


  1. A villa helps you truly discover your destination

When you book a villa for your holiday, you’re living like a local. You’ll discover hidden gems such  as small restaurants hidden down a back street, local shops selling Cypriot delicacies and you’ll feel part of the place rather than just a guest.


Your perfect villa is waiting

Whatever the size of your family, we have the villa of your dreams waiting for you. Take a look at our website and book your stay in Protaras, Cyprus now.

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