Boasting fantastic beaches and all sorts of attractions, Ayia Napa does have a reputation for reveling nightclubs and noisy bars, but they are concentrated in a certain district and open well after the hour most families with children fall asleep; besides most family orientated hotels and apartments are located away from this area. Furthermore, the surrounding beaches offer the beautiful landscape, relaxing atmosphere, amenities and safety families with small children need for a happy holiday atmosphere.

In this article we present you 4 + 1 Family beaches in the Ayia Napa region you and your kids will love!


  1. Landa beach

    landa beach inner

    Stretching no more than 4 km west of Ayia Napa’s centre, Landa beach is almost half a kilometre long, linking the beaches of Nissi Bay and Makronisos. Covered in fine golden sands resisting its crystal-clear, serene waters, it reminds a bewitching pond. Having all the necessary amenities (toilets, changing rooms, sun beds, umbrellas, water sports facilities, restaurants etc.), it is protected by professional lifeguards and first aid services and is easily accessible by foot, bike or car.


  2. Konnos Beach

    konnos teaser

    Described as “a paradise gem”, Konnos beach is just a 5 minutes drive from Agia Napa centre, between Cape Gkreko and Protaras. A bit small but of unique natural beauty, Konnos is covered by fine golden sand and its serene, turquoise seawaters are seldom troubled by wind bursts. Passing through pine trees and greenery, Konnos boasts breathtaking views and access to the nearby National Forest Park. Fully equipped with all the necessary facilities (toilets, changing rooms, sun beds, umbrellas etc.), it has an also a nice transit point for small boats, as well as restaurants and all sorts of stores close by.

  3. Glyki Nero

    Glyki Nero 2teaser

    No more than 1 km east of the Ayia Napa centre, Glyki Nero stretches for around 250 metres, encompassing the inspiring Ayia Napa Sea Caves and a quaint little harbour. A sandy beach bordering shallow and crystal-clear waters, it is well organized and protected by lifeguards and first aid services stationed at the beach from April to October, as well as easily accessible by foot, bike or car. Kids will love the watersports area too.

  4. Makronisos

    Makronissos Beachteaser

    No more than a 10 – minute drive from Ayia Napa, Makronisos is actually the combination of 3 picturesque bays, forming a sandy, 350 m long beach. The southwestern corner is actually part of the Natura 2000 network, protecting its unspoiled beauty. Waters are crystal – clear and surprisingly warm, while on the beach parents will find all standard facilities, as well as a water sports area and a convenience store nearby. Protected by experienced lifeguards, Makronisos is considered one of the safest beaches for small children – and fascinating too, since ancient tombs can be found and explored right on the spot.

  5. Vathia Gonia (Sandy Bay)

    Sandy Bay Vathia Gonia 2teaser

    We conclude with Vathia Gonia, a little more than 2 km from Ayia Napa. Stretching for about 300 metres, Vathia Gonia’s gold sand is enclosed by an imposing rocky bay that protects it from headwinds and high seas – just perfect for small children and overstrung parents! Toilets, changing rooms, sun beds etc are well maintained, while “Seatrac”, an innovative system enabling autonomous access to the sea for the disabled, has been recently installed on the beach. Protected by lifeguards and easily accessible, Vathia Gonia is also linked to Ayia Napa’s harbour and Makronisos beach through a pedestrian path.

Relaxing, Family – Friendly, Safe

Ayia Napa’s most distinguishing characteristic is its diversity. Encompassing numerous beaches with different characteristics, it caters for both reveling youngsters and families with children seeking a relaxed, safe environment. These 5 beaches all share crystal clear waters, lifeguard protection, the safety of a sandy coast, watersports facilities and all sorts of amenities a few feet away from the sea – in other words, all the features parents and children love in a summer resort.

Our Holiday Villas in Ayia Napa are just a few minutes away from these beautiful beaches.

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