Is there anyone out there who does not dream of a cozy summer house in a warm climate, engulfed by stunning landscapes, near a sandy beach, a rocky Cove, a picturesque bay? Is there any chance of realizing such a dream?

Actually, it is, and it is not so difficult as it may seem at first. The only thing you have to do is take your family and friends and spend your summer holidays in Cyprus, one of the best summer destinations in Europe. And by far the best way to enjoy your summer escape is booking a villa – and one with its own private pool too! Having an outdoor pool just for yourselves actually is one of the characteristics that make villas such a great accommodation option for your summer holiday in Cyprus.

However, you may wonder if it is indeed worth it to book a villa with a private pool since the beach is only a few paces away. Yes, it is. Here, we present to you 4 + 1 advantages of renting a villa with private pool in Cyprus for this summer!

  1. As Clean as you Wish it to Be!

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    Beaches are great – and Cyprus’ beaches are even greater, but there are people that just do not feel comfortable swimming and splashing and diving in the same water a few hundred other people, utterly strange to them, also swim. Others have issues with pets swimming beside them, while parents may not have themselves a problem with all these, they are often disturbed to have their children exposed to such circumstances. Solution?

    A private pool obviously solves all these issues in the best way possible, for it can be as clean and crystalline as you wish it to be! Apparently, fewer people means far better hygiene and no worries. A private pool provides you with full control of the quality and cleanliness of the water. Your pool, your rules.

  2. Privacy, Seclusion, and all the Garniture

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    Private” – the full meaning of the word in an outdoor pool package! You will be able to relax, enjoy your drink, read your book, listen to your music and sunbathe without getting splashed by someone’s kid, dog, without eating sand from a foot’s sandal that passed right beside your face.

    Again, control is the right word to describe things. It is you who decide who shares the pool with you - if any – and that means that you can succeed in the first and most important goals of any vacation whatsoever – rest, relaxation, time with your family and friends, serenity, seclusion, is not that right?

    This degree of privacy makes every day of your holiday’s rest a treasure for your body, your emotional and psychological well-being, your sleeping habits, etc. especially if you have small children with you.

  3. Organize BBQ (or Anything Else) Beside the Pool!

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    You will only grasp the full meaning of this advantage when you experience it. The pool will become the center of all the “gang’s” activities, whether they be a BBQ night, games, contests, a dance party, an outdoor midnight movie, etc.

    Just picture this one: you have been playing by the pool all day, you then went out bought some nice steaks or some fresh fish and sausages, you have bought your favorite wine or beer and, still wearing your bathing suit, you start grilling them, while taking a dive once in a while, watching the sun setting in the vast horizon and giving its place to an August’s bright full-moon. Isn’t that… perfect?

    In other words, a private pool will serve as a magnet for the whole family and friends to come together, spend quality time together, have fun together.

  4. Children Love it… and so Do Their Parents!

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    Let us admit it, having kids on a crowded beach is often a rather stressful experience for most parents, worrying about their safety. Having them confined in a wonderful pool assured that nothing could harm them offers you the chance to enjoy your time off genuinely. But it is not just you. Children themselves love the idea of having a pool to play, dive and splash all day just for themselves. Is an “everybody wins” situation!

  5. A Few Steps Away…

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    Last but not least, it is right there, waiting for you are a few steps away from everything: the kitchen table, your bed, the couch, the TV. By far, the greatest benefit of having a private pool is that it makes it so easy to go for a swim and enjoy the water, without having to worry about getting all the usual “gear” with you (towels, masks, suntan lotions – not to mention all the kid’s stuff!), for you have it right there, beside you!


Cyprus is ideal for this summer, and a villa with a private pool can make it the best. Check here some of our best suggestions for families with small children! 

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