It is a peaceful summer morning. You wake up calmly by the soft beams of sunlight that sweep through the windows. Stepping out in the garden for breakfast, your eyes are lost in the vast blue of the sea that becomes one with the horizon. In the afternoon, the setting sun paints the sky with red, orange and purple hues, and you enjoy all this magnificent view from the comfort of a luxurious house… You might think: This is too good to be true, or this is not for me… Erase these negative thoughts, because this is not a dream, it is your ideal vacations, waiting for you in Cyprus, and more specifically, in Ayia Napa, the place to be!

In this article, we have picked out 3 Villas from our selection that make us proud for their spectacular view. Ideal for relaxation, coziness and breathtaking photographs, you cannot lose with a choice among these gems.


  1. Holiday Villa VV9


    Located in the peaceful area of Ayia Thekla, this 4-bedroom villa was built to amaze you. With the Siren beach literally at your feet, just 50 meters away, get ready to be enchanted like Odysseus with the wild beauty of this shore. The vast private garden area that surrounds the building adds to the awesome open-space feeling that the interior of this villa breathes. With part of the yard paved and partly turned into a lawn with neatly cut grass, this place gives you the opportunity to enjoy many activities: Playing with the children, relaxing in the private pool, dining outdoors, enjoying bbq nights, throwing a party and the list goes on…

    Another advantage of this gorgeous villa is that it allows you to get away from it all, even from driving! As we already mentioned, the beach is 50 meters away, whereas a restaurant and a supermarket - if you prefer to cook in the fully furnished kitchen - are just 150 meters away, a less than 4 minutes casual walk.

    The interior is decorated with an emphasis on clean lines and the style less-is-more. So, are you interested to find out more?


  2. Holiday Villa SV9

    sv9 inner

    This is a family’s getaway to a tropical paradise. The 2 stories villa has a large private pool that dominated the outdoor area, and the surrounding palm trees give a tropical note to the scenery. Prepare yourself for endless hours of sunbathing and relaxing on sun loungers!

    The nearest beach is 350 meters away, which means that you can easily reach there with a 5 minutes’ walk. In the area of Ayia Thekla, you can also find 2 wonderful beaches, a supermarket and resort center.

    The 3 bedrooms, 2 doubles, and 1 twin are located upstairs, and the master bedroom leads to a balcony that offers inspiring panoramic views of the sea. The modern decoration of the living room and kitchen will make you feel like home, whereas the cleaning services included will allow the adults to take a full break from the household chores. So, what are you waiting for? Check out your tropical vacation home and book it before it is too late!


  3. Holiday Villa GV14

    gv 14 inner 

    Another villa that is ideal for small families, the 3 bedroom GV14 villa is just 20 meters away from the shore.

    The interior has wall cladding stone panels that give an earthy element to the decoration, which is complimented by the splash of green that was chosen carefully for the modern furniture of the living room. The kitchen is fully furnished, with a microwave and dishwasher included.

    The breathtaking view can be enjoyed for hours from the top balcony where there is ample space and seating, whereas the kids will never get bored with the wide screen satellite TV and the DVD player. Care to have a closer look for yourself?




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