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Are you looking for accomodation in Ayia Napa? We have some excellent recommendations for you!

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All sorts of land and water sports and activities meet the whims and fancies of people of all ages, cultural interests, physical strength and adrenaline levels. Some more specific recommendations are in order; don’t you think?

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Cyprus is an all-season destination, which means you can enjoy summer-like escapes even during November! Hard to believe? Check out the following four reasons.

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These wonderful shores seem more like gigantic private pools and paradisiac havens than public beaches. Care to shed an eye?

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In reality, Ayia Napa is ideal for family getaways. Parents who seek some genuine rest, kids that love spending time with their folks and covet summer-like escapes will almost feel that the place came right out of their dreams.

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We have picked for you 3 beaches famed for their beauty and secluded character for those of you who cherish a dream of buying their own island sometime in the future…

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