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People of all ages from every corner of the earth swarm into the island each year for its stunning coastline and superb waters.

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Thinking it a bit too early? No, that is a gross mistake. In fact, shrewd and seasoned travelers have already started – if not finished - their summer escape preparations, for time and experience has taught them that…

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5 super and exclusive villas at the famed summer resort of Protaras, available for early booking.

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Indeed, the naturally sculptured bridge of Camara in Ayia Napa’s Coraka site is often referred to as the “Grand Canyon” of Cyprus, serving as the ideal spot for exchanging oaths of internal love and loyalty.

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In fact, there all sorts of pros on booking as early as possible your summer holiday accommodation – especially in such popular a destination as Cyprus!

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In this article we present four affordable private villas in Protaras, ideal for short excursions!

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