We all look forward to our summer holidays, especially when the weather is cold at home and our last holiday seems like such a long time ago. The feeling of the sun beating down on our skin as we relax by the pool or at the beach. Those long evenings enjoying a fine meal and cocktails as we watch the sun set over the ocean. It’s that summer holiday feeling that simply can’t be beaten! There are many advantages to booking your next Cyprus holiday early, here are just some of them…

travel hacks 8 reasons to book your holidays in cyprus early inner

  1. You can spread your payments

Book your holiday at the last minute, and you’ll have to pay for it all at once. If you book early, you can spread your payments, paying off your holiday gradually, so it won’t have such a huge immediate impact on your finances.


  1. You’re more likely to get the time off work

Some holiday dates are very popular, especially those within the school summer holidays. You don’t want to be beaten to your favourite dates by your colleagues, so book your holiday early and book that time off work before anyone else does!


  1. You’ll have more time to save up

you will have more time to save up

Once you know the cost of your holiday accommodation and flights, you’ll know how much you need to put aside for it. Then you can start saving up for those special extras. When you have a little extra cash, you can ensure your holiday is truly special. You can have an excursion or try something new such as one of the many water sports available in the area. You’ll be able to dine at the best restaurants and perhaps treat yourself to a glass of the finest local wine.


  1. You’ll have so much more choice

Book late, and you’re going to have to take your pick of the accommodation and flights that haven’t already been booked up. Book early and you’ll be able to choose exactly what you want, a villa that is luxurious and spacious enough for all the family, a private pool and flight times that are just right, from your airport of choice.


  1. Discover great early deals

discover great early deals

You’ll find some good discounts for booking early if you look out for them. For example, if you book with Imagine Villas now, you can use the voucher code BOOK10 at checkout for a massive 10% off your holiday!


  1. More time to get organised

Going on holiday is wonderful, but it does give you a few extra jobs to do. Book early and you’ll have plenty of time to make sure everything is in order. If your passports are out of date, you’ll have time to get them renewed. You can book the pets into the kennels or cattery and you can book your airport parking or taxis well in advance.


  1. More time to research

When you book early, you’re giving yourself plenty of time to do that valuable research that can make your holiday even better. You can discover hidden beaches off the beaten track, attractions you’d love to visit and even take a look at the menus of local restaurants to find places with cuisine you’d love to try.


  1. More time to get excited

Half of the fun of a holiday is looking forward it! Book early and you’ll have even longer to dream about your upcoming adventure.


So book your perfect villa holiday in Cyprus today

Visit Imagine Villa Rentals for your pick of the most luxurious villas. Don’t forget, simply type BOOK10 into the voucher code box at checkout for 10% off today!

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