Cyprus is the perfect spot for diving. Both professional divers, and those wanting to learn for the first time flock to Cyprus to take to the water. It’s a dream diving destination. The water is crystal clear, the temperatures are very pleasant and there’s so much to see when you discover the world under the ocean! Here are our top 10 fantastic places to dive in Cyprus


Green Bay (Protaras)


For those looking to try diving for the first time, a trip to Green Bay is the perfect place to start. You’ll find plenty of dive schools here, with experienced instructors to guide you. This interesting spot is packed full of things to see. There’s a fish feeding station know as The Fish Rock, and at the deepest part, 10 meters down, there are some amazing underwater statues to discover.


Zenobia (Larnaca)


When the Swedish ferry Zenobia set out on her maiden voyage in1980, no one expected it to sink just 1.4km off the coast of Cyprus. Luckily there were no casualties, and now the wreck of the Zenobia is classed as one of the best wreck dive sites in the world! The ferry lies on its side giving easy access to the wreck which is in great condition, along with its cargo, making it a fascinating dive.


Lady Thetis (Limassol)

With the huge popularity of the Zenobia wreck, it was decided to sink some boats on purpose, to add more intriguing diving spots in the area, and this has been a huge success. Lady Thetis is a German boat that was purposefully sunk in 2014. Situated 18 meters down, close to the coast at Limassol, it’s a home to several species of fish, and divers can swim through the wreck.


Consdandis (Limassol)

As well as the Lady Thetis, when you go diving at Limassol you can explore the sunk fishing boat Consdandis. This is a 1989 Soviet Union bottom trawler, sunk in 2014 and is now 24 meters under the ocean.


Amphora Caves (Paphos)

This dive site is popular with archaeologist divers. These caves contain ancient amphora, ceramic transportation and storage containers. A fascinating place to explore, at a depth of 5-12 meters.


Devil’s Head (Akamas)


A dive at Devil’s Head in beautiful Akamas is a truly magical experience. Here you will find caves with tunnels that connect them. In the summer months you may be lucky enough to swim with the turtles.


Jubilee Shoals (Limassol)

For more experienced divers, Jubilee Shoals is ideal. Here you’ll discover a massive underwater cliff face, caves and a tunnel with huge drop offs from 10 meters down to 60 meters.


The Canyon (Ayia Napa)


Another dive spot that’s recommended for experienced divers is The Canyon at Ayia Napa. It’s accessible from the shoreline and is full of amazing rock formations and varied marine life. With a difficult entry point this is not one for beginners.


Manidjin Island (Paphos)

This stunning dive spot is a ten minute ride from Coral Bay harbour, but it’s well worth the short boat journey. Here you’ll find a breathtaking cave to swim through, bedecked with colourful algae. Yellowfin barracuda also live here, so it’s likely you’ll spot some on your dive.


The Sea Caves (Ayia Napa)


With easy access from the coast, this dive spot is very popular. You’ll find a complex of underwater caves full of amphora from wrecked trade ships.

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