What? An autumn break in Europe’s most popular summertime resort?

Congratulations! You have just made an excellent decision. Cyprus during the autumn months is simply fantastic, ideal for people in need of relaxation and rest; and its accommodation options are of similar excellence! Care to take a look?


1. Villa AK118 - Protaras Resort, Famagusta

 villa ak118 innerteaser

A couple of kilometres away from the serene waters of the Vrissiana Beach, this spacious and cosy 4 Bedroom villa is fully furnished and designed to combine luxury with practicality and comfort.

Still, make no mistake; if this beauty is comfy for your back and feet, it is revitalisation itself for your mind and soul. Feasting your eyes on the amazing views of the wide open sea stretching out to the horizon is so rejuvenating, that even if the rest of the villa immediately turned into Uncle Tom’s cabin, you would still love it! Nevertheless, since such an eventuality is out of the question, having its lavish interior at your disposal only makes the whole experience even better.

Need to learn a bit more?


2. Villa IV66 - Protaras Resort, Famagusta

iv66 innerteaser 

Recently renovated, this 4-bedroom villa is quite close both to the resort’s centre and Protaras’ most popular beaches. Nicely nestled in the picturesque hills of the region, its balconies and terrace face the sea waves as far as the eye can reach, thus matching the spacious and stylishly furnished interior in the best possible way.

If you plan on bringing with you lots of friends or your big family, consider this one among your best accommodation options.

Wish to feed your motivation? Check out some rather convincing photos of the place!


3. Villa SP5 - Protaras Resort, Famagusta

villa sp5 innerteaser

It has been described by visitors as the “best human recharger on the island” – and we can not find anything to say against it. Three luxurious and roomy bedrooms – two of which have En-Suite Bathrooms – and a paradisiac exterior with a fantastic private outdoor pool make SP5 one of the most sought-after villas in the whole island.

Closer to the shore than most of its contesters, this villa does not actually need Protaras’ exotic charm to lure you in – it has already all that is required to revitalise you to the full. Of course, the magnificence of the surroundings is not doing any harm, on the contrary, it guaranteed a 100% relaxing and enjoyable winter escape.

Enough said though, check it out for yourself!


4. Villa KV25 - Pernera, Famagusta

villa ak25 innerteaserThis villa has an extra jewel in its crown. It is situated in Pernera, a mesmerising site that has been discovered by tourists only during the last decade, featuring a rare, almost luminous shade of vibrant blue, is a oneiric destination for romantic couples and families in dire need of seclusion and relaxation.

As for the villa itself, it features space, airy rooms and just a few minutes’ walk from the Kalamies Beach and the resort’s amenities. Its four bedrooms can comfortably accommodate two families or 4 couples that would love to spend their November adventure together.

Care to take a closer look?


Those of you still in doubt about how wonderful a trip to Cyprus would be during the coming autumn, just check the comments and enthusiastic thoughts of frequent winter visitors!

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