Cyprus’ worldwide reputation as an idyllic holiday destination is certainly not idle – and Ayia Napa is probably its prime proof. A one-of-a-kind amalgam of a majestic and diverse landscape, crystal-clear waters treasuring almost half the shades of iris, and several rocky coves and beaches coated in gold, Ayia Napa is nothing less than a living work of art, and the perfect destination for your summer holidays with the family.  

Still, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video a few million. Hence, we have gathered for you the 6 top air drone videos of the Ayia Napa region posted on YouTube. The only thing you have to do is feast your eyes to Cyprus’ wonders and let them boost your excitement before visiting the place yourself!


1. Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is considered by most of the locals as the most beautiful beach in the area, boasting crystalline waters and an almost white sand, Nissi Beach is a sight for sore eyes. Thus, no visit to Ayia Napa and Protaras can be complete without devoting some days to this souvenir from paradise.


2. Konnos Beach

Konnos Bay is Ayia Napa’s eastern corner, right where the Protaras area begins and is part of the famed Cape Greco National Park, an area of stunning physical charm. The bay’s pine trees and sapphire waters highlight the impressive rocky cliffs standing loftily against the sea for millennia. The scenic cove towering the beach is often used as a stunning backdrop for wedding pictures.


3. Cape Greco

Cape Greco suffered a lot from human ignorance, but, during the last decades, locals have strived to restore its unique beauty – and they have done an excellent job so far! Bold cliffs thrashing the waves below and a large coastal plateau resembling a naturalist painter’s palate with its dyes and earthly shades is just a miserable effort to give you an idea of what you are about to watch…  


4. Cape Greco View Point - Sunset

Well, this one does not need much of an introduction. Just picture the same area dyed in fiery red and glazing auburn as the sea surface below puts her darker attire. Yes, enjoy Cape Greco as the sun dives into the horizon.


5. Limanaki & Its Coast Line

The Ayia Napa harbor area is its pictburesque heart. Fishing boats lying quietly beside hot-shot yachts, stunning views towards Cape Greco and the Mediterranean deeps, people rambling its serene docks and enjoying the majestic coastline and inhaling the warmth of the place – stuff like that… Enjoy!  


6. Ayia Napa by Night

Ayia Napa is tranquil and serene but never sleeps! On the contrary, its stunning beauty seems all the more appealing. Enough said, check out Ayia Napa as the moon sees it every night.


Excited Yet?

Cyprus is one of nature’s most beguiling pieces of jewelry, and Ayia Napa could well be its crowning gem. The best way to enjoy it, not by air, but standing on earth and splashing in water is to visit the place this summer. And by far the best option to fully enjoy your stay is to book a nice and cozy villa, just a few minutes away from the beach and a 5-minute walk from the resort’s center. Excited already? Check out our villas for rent and see the Ayia Napa’s beauties up close!

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