Yes!” Such a simple yet such a powerful word! That is what you are longing to hear after making your proposal. It will certainly be a moment that you and your mate would want to remember for a lifetime, the greatest moment of all. It is not just a proposal; it is a monumental expression of the deepest emotions and romantic feelings you nurture for each other. Everything has to be perfect. However, how? When and where? Every little detail is important and should be planned beforehand. So, pick the right time, plan the scenario of your grant event carefully, and let us propose you with the best places for this unique occasion of your life.


1. SV9

propose villa sv9teaser 

The perfect place for the perfect moment. The quiet location, just a few meters from the sea, will help you relax, be yourself, and cherish the romantic moments undistracted. The beautiful seaside vista, the large garden area, the private pool encircled by palm trees, everything is perfectly set for such a great moment. On the inside, the spacious living room area and the modern dining room will provide you with the opportunity of a romantic candle lit dinner. On the upper floor, you will have to select among three magnificent bedrooms, while the balcony with its seating area will reward you with panoramic sunsets.

Sv9 is going to be a villa you will not want to leave. Why not let the pictures speak for themselves?


2. GV12

propose villa gv12teaser

For a special place like this, some people search forever. But not you. Villa GV12 provides the fantastic setting for a proposal or a love confession with the person you care most. The accommodation is just luxurious, and this modern villa ties perfectly with the surrounding environment. Just 20 meters from the sea, with private pool and sun loungers, you will certainly feel home right away.

Book it now before someone else does!


3. SVI3

propose villa sv13teaser

Everything changes around us, but beautiful, tender memories remain forever. This villa has the luxury, the spaces, and the clean, modern architecture lines that will help you create the atmosphere for these memories… Impress your partner with the view of the elevated deck inside the pool and enjoy countless of hours of relaxation and sunbathing. As for the beach, just 200 meters away lies the Pernera beach, reachable in a couple of minutes by foot.

Where will you propose? At the modernly designed deck, by the pool, or at the beach, with a majestic sunset at the background? That is up to you, but first, check if the desired dates are available.


4. SC6

propose villa sc6teaser

Built for those cherishing the moments and wishing the dream to last forever and located on the outskirts of Ayia Napa, this 2-stories villa is close to local amenities, just 250 meters away from Siren’s Beach, while in a ray of 500 meters you will find a restaurant and a supermarket.

The interior is fully furnished and decorated with shabby-chic style. Traditional elements reminding of “The little house on the prairie” blend the latest elegant and modern design, resulting in this fantastic union. But what about your union? Think about the setting of your proposal. Will it be an unexpected moment while you relax in the garden, in the privacy given by the surrounding trees, or while you enjoy the spectacular sea views from the front balcony?

Before you decide, have a closer look at the place.


5. MR4

propose villa mr4teaser

A hidden gem for couples that prefer traditional venues rather than modern, this villa is located in the heart of Ayia Napa, very close to local amenities. The simplicity of the interior decoration will not give your intentions away to your spouse! The beach that is just a few meters away, the spacious interior and the large pool are just a few of the advantages this villa collects together.

Nevertheless, we cannot help but put the outside garden in the spotlight. It might be just the place for the unexpected question. Imagine yourself popping it up while you both sit at the paved yard, under the magnificent waterfall of the vivid red flowers, enjoying the sunset, or while you are having champagne by the large pool.

Sounds like a good scenario? Check the available dates!

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