Interested in Ayia Napa, eh? Well, that is understandable. Seldom one can find so much beauty encapsulated in a single place, so the best thing to do is stop just dreaming about going there and take some serious action.

Just to fuel your resolve and determination, we have gathered some rather interesting information about the place – 5 facts you probably haven’t had heard about Ayia Napa.

Let’ start!


1. From where did the resort’s name originate?

from where did the resort name originate

Well, that is a good question to start with, cause indeed the name sounds a bit weird, especially to foreigners.

The site was named after a legendary Greek patron saint (“Ayia” means “Saint” in Greek), and the dedicated monastery still dominates the site’s centre till this day. Built by the Venetians before the dawn of the 17th century, it remains in relatively excellent condition, and it is also known for its famous fig tree, which is believed to be older than the monastery itself.

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2. It Boasts a World Record!

Ayia Napa made it to the Guinness World Record for hosting the biggest sousta (a traditional Cypriot dance)!

The event included 450 dancers from 22 different dance schools, all dressed up in traditional Cypriot apparels. They danced for five minutes, under the strict eye of Guinness World Record designated observers.


3. It has One of the Biggest Themed Water Parks in Europe

it has one of the biggest themed water parks 

Ayia Napa is home to one of the biggest and most well organised themed water parks in Europe, attracting thousands of visitors, families, children and grown-ups throughout the year.

Boasting excellent venues, highly different slides and pools, and constructed with robust materials that set safety and fun as priorities, it will surely add spice and trills to your stay in Ayia Napa.  


4. It is by Far the Largest Tourism Resort in Cyprus

it is by far the largest tourism reasort

Featuring excellent tourist infrastructure, prime accommodation options, unrivalled natural beauty and an array of top-notch bars, pulsing nightclubs, restaurants and traditional taverns, Ayia Napa has risen to prominence for all the right reasons.

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5. Ayia Napa was Previously Covered Within a Thick Forest

Yes, Ayia Napa was covered in a thick forest back in the past. In fact, the word ‘Napa’ derives from an ancient Greek root describing a woodland valley!

It may strike today as a cosmopolitan and highly modernised tourist oasis, famed for its vibrant nightlife and white sand beaches, but Ayia Napa was entirely covered by dense plantation in the past, being largely void of human activity or presence, visited only by hunters and lumberjacks from surrounding villages!

Now that you have learned more about Ayia Napa, why don’t make the next step and realise your desire to check the place from up-close? Click here and book a villa a few metres away from one of its magnificent shores!


In the past few year, Ayia Napa has transformed from a quaint little fishing village into the largest and most popular tourist resort on the island, famed for its magnificent beaches and vibrant nightlife.

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