Summer is over, winter is fast approaching, and all dreams of sunbathed beaches, warm walks by the sea or emerald, crystal clear waters are out of the question by now – aren’t they? Well, it depends…

If we are talking about Western and Northern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, obviously such mental pictures are nothing but sources of torment! However, if we are talking about Cyprus, things are quite different.

Cyprus is an all-season destination, which means you can enjoy summer-like escapes even during November! Hard to believe? Check out the following four reasons, and you will probably reconsider your plans for November!


1. Winter Sunshine

winter sunshine inner

Among the many things Cyprus has in abundance is sun’s warm embrace. Bright sunshine is as nice and friendly as during the spring or early summer. In fact, this is the distinguishing characteristic of the local climate, whose last a month a most and still resembles the late spring of most western and northern European countries.

So, sunbathing is still on the menu even during November, and everyday temperatures allow visitors to enjoy its warm, relaxing hug up until early afternoon.


2. Fresh Seafood

fresh seafoodteaser

Cyprus’ excellent climate allows local fishermen to keep roaming the rich waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea even during the winter, providing the local market with an array of fresh seafood, including fishes of all sorts, from gilt-head sea breams to swordfish, from delicious mollusks, like octopus and calamari, to the sophisticated savors of shell-fishes, like oysters and mussels.

If you have always loved seafood but found it hard to enjoy it while fresh, obliged to taste its poor frozen substitutes, Cyprus offers you the chance to blow your palate away, from cooks and chefs who literally grew up with this stuff.    


3. Each Day is Beach Day

beach dayteaser

Probably you have guessed that already, but we should mention it anyway. November is not a month that will keep you away from Cyprus’ world-renowned coastline, with its turquoise waters, golden-sand beaches, serene shores, sea caves, bold cliffs and captivating marine life and seabed. Every single day, its calm, revitalising breezes will invite you to get lost within this captivating scenery.

The best thing about it? Each of these beguiling spots breathes an air of almost privately-own seclusion during November. There are no crowds of tourists flooding the waters and shores, giving you the chance to enjoy such natural beauty with no distractions at all.


4. Wide Range of Outdoor Activities

outdoor activitiesteaser 

Last, think about the endless list of fun-packed outdoor activities Cyprus has to offer, due to its fantastic climate, high average temperatures, and unique landscape diversity. From all sorts of water sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkelling, fishing, scuba-diving, powerboating and sailing, to hiking, mountain biking, coasteering and much more.

We are sure you got the picture! November is just as joyful in Cyprus as during the summer, bringing out the island’s charms and beauties and catering for all ages, fancies and wishes. Why not reconsider your plans for November then?


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