Your wedding day – for a woman that is about to make the most solemn promise of her life and become one with another soul, this day will have to be the happiest, the most special occasion of her life. Everything must be unique – “common” and “usual” should be stricken out of your vocabulary when preparing your wedding. Hence, the place hosting this unprecedented event must also be unique – and we have found it for you.

Cyprus – The Perfect Place for your Wedding!

Cyprus is a destination ever growing in popularity, not just among middle east couples, but European too, especially the Protaras and Ayia Napa region, due to their stunning physical beauty, excellent transportation infrastructure, exceptional cuisine, cosmopolitan air and fantastic accommodation options, not just for the couple, but also for their families, relatives and guests.

Accommodation is of vital importance to marriages that take place overseas. A poor one can destroy all the event’s magic, especially for the guests. Moreover, if they are unhappy and murmuring, how can the couple be joyous and content?

However, you obviously know all that by know: what you need is some specific proposals that guarantee things will run as smoothly as possible. We have gathered here for you 4 of the best accommodations for your coming wedding in Cyprus. They all feature astonishing backdrops, ideal for wedding photos, excellent amenities, plenty of conveniences for all the people you are planning to be present at your wedding. Let’s take a look, shall we?


  1. Holiday Villa AK118 - Protaras 

    Luxury Villa Ideas for your Wedding inner1

    Featuring top-notch and stylish décor, this splendid villa stands out as the ultimate blend of luxury, comfort and magnificent physical surroundings. No more than a couple of miles away from the nearby resort and beaches, it is as serene and reclusive as any couple would like it to be. Nicely nestled among the St. Elias hills, one of its greatest traits, the stunning panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea that fills the horizon as far as the eye can see.

    As for its indoor features and amenities, just check the link and you will instantly see that it is more of a small coastal palace, guaranteeing a memorable stay for both you and your guests.

    Check availability and prices!

  2. Holiday Villa NV20 – Protaras

    Luxury Villa Ideas for your Wedding inner2

    Here elegance takes the lion share: a charming sea front villa dominating a quiet cul-de-sac right in the center of Protaras, it is tailored to couples that like to have amenities not a few miles, but a few steps away!

    No more than 500 meters away from Cyprus’ most renowned beach, the Fig Tree Bay Beach, NV20 boasts a beautiful yard, garden and private pool, and an equally well-equipped and furnished interior, ensuring a most comfortable and relaxing stay for its lucky tenants. Again, from the terrace and balcony, the couple or guests can get in the romantic breath of the occasion, while watching the sun diving in the watery abode of the Mediterranean.

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  3. Holiday Villa KO1 - Protaras


    This one has space and privacy as its foremost features – without being found wanting in any other field of course, such as luxury and comfort. Again, with the breathtaking scenery of the Protaras sea staging the backdrop for the most exquisite wedding photos, this particular villa was primarily designed to make its guests fully grasp the meaning of the word “coziness,” while taking all measures necessary to ensure your privacy and peace. As for amenities, suffice it to say that is just a few minutes’ walk away from the resort’s center.

    Take a close look!

  4. Holiday Villa NDE2 – Protaras

    Luxury Villa Ideas for your Wedding inner3

    Now we come to the Queen of nature’s charms: NDE2 is inside the world-famous Cape Greko area and near its national park, a place of unrivaled physical gorgeousness, encompassing pine forests, imposing bold sea cliffs, and the most spectacular views of the sea that stretches beyond.

    Situated in a private gated complex that guarantees your safety and full privacy, the villa’s interior is furnished to meet regal standards and offers the ideal setting for the most memorable days of your life.

    Check it out!

  5. Holiday Villa PA7 – Protaras

    Luxury Villa Ideas for your Wedding inner4

    We conclude with a villa where scepters are held by more than one features. PA7 is actually the ultimate option for couples who want luxury, space, and privacy at their prime – no compromising, no “buts” or excuses in none of these sectors. Its interior antagonizes the exterior for coziness and luxury, making the villa truly stunning in every way. Moreover, it is by far the biggest villa in our list, just ideal for large family groups or your most beloved of your wedding guests.

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Cyprus is the perfect destination for your wedding. Just make sure you choose the right place to stay, and the rest will run smoothly for the happiest days of your life!

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