According to a past survey of the international expat communities InterNationsCyprus has the 2nd best climate in the world!

The survey included 14,000 expatriates living in 195 different countries in all 5 continents, who were asked to answer several questions and name the country they considered having the best climate around the globe. Costa Rica ranked first, Cyprus second, and Greece 3rd.

Almost 50% of all British expats that participated in the survey commented that weather and climate constituted a rather important factor when they chose where to move. This percentage is more than 16% higher than the global average. Swiss, Irish and Belgian expats also considered weather and climate a priority (41%, 39%, and38% respectively).

A staggering 70% of the participants found Cyprus’ weather and climate to be very good. Let us see why.


Cyprus’ Climate

Ever since Cyprus is discovered in humanity’s historical records, it is praised for its warm and human-friendly climate. Known as the “Island of the Sun” in the Classical Era, Cyprus enjoys around 340 days of sunshine per year (average annual temperatures of 30° C or 86° F) – a factor that makes it one of the healthiest worldwide: contagious diseases are virtually unknown on the island, and several studies have shown that proper exposure to the sun rays can augment our immune system, speed up recovery and boost our moods and general mental and psychological health.


Annual Temperatures

Boasting on of the best versions of Mediterranean Temperate climate, Cyprus boasts an average daytime temperature

  • from June to September of around 32oC,
  • from December to February 16oC,
  • and for the rest months, around 25oC.


Its Official Cyprus inner



During the summer, Cyprus brings up memories of the Garden of Eden, in particular for tourists, with its golden beaches, azure-colored waters, picturesque coves and bays and local hospitality. However, what is even more remarkable is the diversity of the climate: the cool mountains of Troodos, with its dense pine forests, offers you the chance to ski before going to the beach for a swim – all these in the same day! Cyprus is actually one of the few places on earth that can offer that. Cool cotton clothes are your best option for the hot summer months, while jackets and light sweaters may prove handy as daylight fades during May, June, September and October.



Fall features this sweet odor of maturing fruit and harvested wine grapes, the gentle earthy shades of orange, red, and auburn and the darkening blue colors of the coast. The sea is still rather warm, and there is a significant number of people on the island and do not leave the beaches until Christmas time.



Cyprus’ winter is short and mild; average daytime temperatures seldom drop below 16°C in the coast and mainland. Rain and snow fall mainly on Troodos Mountains, just before January, but even then there is abundant sunshine, with a daily average of 6 hours per day. Winter and spring are just short intermissions between the long warm summers, starting from early May and lasting through the end of October, and the moderately rainy yet pleasant fall.

Winter is also the best time book accommodation if you plan to spend your summer vacation on this beautiful island – especially if you are interested in the newest and rather popular trend, the villa rentals.



Spring is short but cloaks the island with the enchanting charms of more than 1,500 different species of flowers, setting the fields, hillsides and mountain slopes ablaze with vivid colors and scents saturating the air and coastal breezes. It is by far the best time for relaxing rambles, family picnics and of course, swimming and sunbathing.



From the mild warmth of early spring, the sun scorching days of high summer, the gentle breezes of the fall and the invigorating winters, Cyprus does have one of the best climates around the globe – and that is not prejudice – it is what seasoned travelers from all around the world think!


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