Are you thinking of spending your vacations near the sea? Have you set your mind on Cyprus? We cannot blame you!

Are you thinking of spending your vacations near the sea? Have you set your mind on Cyprus? We cannot blame you! The emerald crystal waters and the golden beaches are a guarantee for countless hours of relaxation and enjoyment. Yet, how can you be sure that nothing will spoil your ideal vacations? In this article, we present you 5 tips that will make your life easier at the beach.


1. Keep your Valuables Safe at the Beach!

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Apart from your car keys, your phone and your money are possibly the most valuable possessions you carry at the beach. To avoid unpleasant surprises that will cost you a lot, keep your electronic devices safe from water droplets with the help of plain plastic zip lock bags! And what a pleasant surprise - you can use your phone without taking it out of the bag! Yes, the plastic is touchscreen-friendly!

If you are thinking about leaving your devices inside your car, think again! Cyprus’s bright sun could make the temperature inside your car rise dramatically in just a few hours, making your devices more susceptible to damage.

Also, avoid being robbed while you enjoy sea bathing by stuffing an empty sunscreen bottle or an empty travel mug with the money you have on you. Having your purse at the beach is a big no-no. With clever camouflage tips like those mentioned above, you are minimizing the possibilities of having your vacations destroyed.


2. Easy and Smart Tricks Against Beach Inconveniences

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The beach and the sea are great and all, but who does not get irritated by the water that remains in the ear canal after a dive? And what about the sand that sticks like glue to our wet feet? Two simple tricks come to the rescue!

After a dive, blow air into a balloon or an inflatable beach ball. You will discover that the water will get out of your ears in no time!

The golden sand abandons your feet in an instant with the help of baby powder! Just sprinkle a generous amount for sand-free feet that smell great!

There you have it! Trapped water in your ears and sandy feet will be no problem for you in the future!


3. Make your Own Sunburn Soothing Balm with Aloe Vera

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Do you want a natural balm for sunburns? Put Aloe Vera gel in the ice cube tray of your refrigerator on the day before going to the beach. The next morning you will find green ice cubes that you can place into your cooler, ready to use in case of an emergency.


4. Keep Yourself Hydrated Inside Out

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Speaking of coolers, don’t forget to include a few bottles of frozen water. It will keep your drinks cold for a longer period, and you can get rid of the ice blocks that come along with the cooler and take so much space. You will also have plenty of icy water to keep yourself hydrated and get refreshed from the heat!

Another great habit you can stick to is to have in your beach bag a spray bottle with fresh or -even better – mineral water to spray your face frequently. It will calm your skin and wash off the salt from your face. You can also use it to clean your sunglasses!

By following this simple 4 tips, you can enjoy the beach to the fullest, feel more secured and prepared for possible mishaps. Complete your ideal vacations in Cyprus by booking a luxurious villa close to the beach and feel at home away from home!

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