Apparently, you have seen the famed beaches of Protaras and Ayia Napa – even if not up close, surely through some of the million photos flooding the social networks. Still, you are not getting the full picture here.

The vast majority of these photos are, reasonably, taken during the summer, having their turquoise waters filled with tourists and their golden beaches crowded with sunbathers. Can you imagine such physical beauty without so much of a human presence?

In autumn, due to Cyprus’ oneiric climate, beaches are no less inviting, waters are warm and crystal clear, the sand is beaming gold and humans are scarcely found within a mile of coastline! So, these wonderful shores seem more like gigantic private pools and paradisiac havens than public beaches.

Care to shed an eye?


1. Konnos Bay

konnos bay innerteaser 

Just have a dekko at those emerald waters gently touching the golden sands, engulfed by the picturesque rocky bay of Konnos beach and see if you can take your eyes in less than 2 minutes… If you do make, you should be in the Guinness Book of Records!


2. Ayia Thecla Beach

ayia thecla innerteaser

Golden – almost white – powder-like sand, stretching along the turquoise waters. Revitalizing just to shed your eyes on it, isn’t it so? Imagine what the beach of Ayia Thecla can do to your body and soul if you are actually there!  


3. Pantachou Beach

pantachou beach innerteaser

Another gem in Cyprus’ crown. Melissi beach preserves its idyllic character throughout the year since its fine sand and crystal waters look even more stunning as the fall comes.


4. Vyzakia

vyzakia beach inerteaser

Small, nicely engulfed by the lands warm hug, in Autumn, Vyzakia beach reminds nothing less than a vast private pool. Just picture yourself sunbathing in this shred of heaven, having no one else but your buddies, sweetheart and kids. Is there anything closer to happiness?


5. Sirena Bay

sirena bay innerteaser

Another place that has the chance to unfold its full charm during the fall is the Sirena Bay. Having taken its name from an old legend of women with stunning beauty and murderous instincts that sung to sailors to lure them in their treachery, the Sirena Bay will chime right into your mind when you marvel at its waters in fall. Besides, the photo speaks for itself, does not it?


Still Reading the Article?

After feasting your eyes with such natural beauty, most people would already be making plans for their next autumn escape in Cyprus – still, you keep on reading the article. Maybe there is something else you would like us to do for you?

We know; how about showing you some of our best villas in Protaras and Ayia Napa? Click here and leave the rest to us!

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