Ayia Napa – those 2 words unearth mental pictures of unblemished physical beauty to all those that have visited the area, even just once in their life. A place that could rightly be described as a treasure chest full of innumerable little charming spots, Ayia Napa is a photographer’s paradise.

If you plan to visit the place this summer, then it would be nice to know in advance the greatest spots for exquisite selfies that will bring down the Instagram, shake Facebook in its foundation or fill your friends and followers with envy! That is why we did a little research for you in the social media and ended up with the 6 most photographed places in Ayia Napa that you just must visit this summer!


  1. Nissi Beach

    Nissi beach 2teaser

    Visiting Ayia Napa without taking pictures of you and your companions in the Nissi Beach is not an option!

    Ayia Napa's most popular spot during the day offers great views of the watery horizon, that get strange yet charming dyes when the sun rises and even greater when it sets. Between them, the crystal-clear waters can do wonders for your social networks profiles, especially if you have a camera that can also work underwater. As for the night, the dance contests, foam parties and several other events held on spot provide some great opportunities for memorable selfies.

  2. Makronissos Beach

    Makronissos Beachteaser

    Secluded in a serene are just outside Ayia Napa just 5 km away, this south facing 350-meter long beach encompasses 3 charming little bays, all attired in a golden sand dress adorned with calm, turquoise waters. The fact that the southwestern part is included in a Natura 2000 protected area network tells a lot about Makronissos’ stunning natural charms and the prospects of taking there some of the best photos of your entire life.

  3. Love Bridge

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    A few millennia ago, long before Paris built the famed "Love Bridge," Ayia Napa had its own Love Bridge, made of far better materials and by the best mechanics of all, nature’s waves and winds!

    Dominating a location of the Cape Greco known among locals as "Pidalion," this stone 100% natural bridge has been a magnet for romantic couples, ardent lovers and photography enthusiasts that love capturing the sunrise or the burning red colors of sunset through this prehistoric arch. Combined with the sapphire waters that are never tired of storming its pillars, Love Bridge is the ideal set for genuine photo inspiration.

  4. Cape Greco 

    cavo gexo inner

    Cape Greco has been an officially recognized National Forest Park since 1993, something that protected its unblemished natural beauty to remain intact. The great thing about this location is that it presents an entirely different yet equally bewitching face each season for photographers that love the blend of pine green, hundreds of shades of brown and even more dyes of sea blue.

    Stretching for more than 380 hectares, Cape Greco is teaming with junipers, pine trees, various flowers and all sorts of rare plant species, especially during the spring and summer.

  5. Konnos Bay


    Konnos Bay is one of the most renowned sea sites in Cyprus, beguiling locals and tourists with its stunning views, diamond clean waters, and picturesque bay and sparkling azure waves. The pine-fringed hillsides towering Konnos Beach has often served as a majestic setting for wedding photos – or even for photos with your closest friends if a husband or a wife are still to be found!

  6. Sea Caves

    sea caves inner

    We close our list with the celebrated caves of Ayia Napa, spread out on the east of the resort, towards Cape Greco. All these sights are professional models dressed up with nature’s best dresses: turquoise, blue, azure, fiery red and all sorts of brown shades.

    The best thing about them is that you can actually crawl in and take photos from inside the cave, either capture its rocky linings or the sea that tries for centuries to dig deeper inside the mountain. Another great spot is the 10 meter high cliffs popular with divers and local fishermen. With the right camera, you can snapshot yourself jumping off the cliff or entering underwater into a large cave’s well-hidden secrets. In fact, some of these caves extend as far as 80 meters and, when the tide allows it, they can be explored on foot or by swimming.



Thrilling, isn’t it? Well, visiting these places and having probably the best summer of your life is just a few clicks away! Book now a charming and cozy villa just a walk away from water, grab your gear and prepare to rule your favorite social media.

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