Stretching between the summer resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras, the Cape Greco National Forest Park in Cyprus is a labyrinth of exciting hiking trails overwhelmed by dense pine trees and a sundry vegetation, through which emerge stunning views from bold sea cliffs dominating the turquoise waters of several beaches of the Mediterranean that lies ahead.

Indeed, Cape Greco is the pride and joy of Cyprus, well deserving the title “Earthly Paradise.” Moreover, naturally, in a place like this, activity options are innumerable. Let’s just take a look at the 5 most popular things one can do while exploring Cape Greco this summer!


1. Hiking – Cycling

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Obviously, relaxation is by far the most popular outdoor activity in Cap Greco – just take a break of sunbathing, find a great spot up on a cliff, and marvel the natural beauty stretching ahead. However, the thing is that such spots can be found everywhere in Cape Greco. In fact, the forest’s nature trails are part of the European Long Distance Trail E4, stretching from Cyprus to Gibraltar.

There are 9 different nature walks in the Cape Greko area for hikers and photography buffs that love nature’s works of art. One of the best-known trails is the Aphrodite nature trail: more than 2 km long, it cuts across the North-East coast of Cape Greko, leading all the way to the legendary spot that is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, as well as other lovely monuments, like the picturesque Agioi Anargiri church, through which you can approach a stunning little beach. The chapel is also a favorite spot for wedding photos. Another hiking trail will take you to the ‘Cyclops,' a place of stunning beauty and just ideal for a family picnic.

Bike-lovers will found numerous well-preserved cycling tracks across the area, offering spectacular views from imposing 30-feet high cliffs, featuring some of nature’s best sculptures, the famed caves of Cape Greco.


2. The Sea Caves of Cape Greco

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There are many caves along the coastline from Ayia Napa to Cape Greko National Park. Most of them can be approached only by sea, and many people enjoy snorkeling, underwater photography, cliff diving, jumping, and fishing, while exploring the each cave’s imposing glyphs, that took millions of years to be shaped.

Some of the most renowned sea caves in the area are the “Palace” and the “Smugglers” Caves: they both offer the chance to explore passages that go deep – some reach as much as 240 feet - into cliffs, approachable only through the crystal-clear waters of Ayia Napa and Paralimni. When the sea is calm, the wind mild (which is the most usual case in the area) and the tide permits, you can even walk some parts of them.


3. Sunbathing & Swimming in Konnos Beach

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No more than 4 km east of Ayia Napa, between Cape Greco and the Protaras summer resort, Konnos is the last beach defining the area between Ayia Napa and Protaras, and probably the most beautiful and family friendly beach in the whole region.

Just 35 meters wide and 200 meters long, and easily accessible by car, motorbike, and bicycle or on foot, Konnos is a sandy gem, with sapphire, crystal clear waters that are well protected from strong squalls, making serene and tranquil for the parents and safe for small children. The beach has all the necessary facilities to cater for your needs throughout the day, including sun beds and several water sports.


4. Landscape Photography

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Marveling the watery landscapes of eastern Mediterranean in various times of the day – as the sun sets or rises, or during the first or the full moon – up from the high and bold cliffs of Cape Greco is one of the most exhilarating experiences Cyprus offers its lucky visitors. No wonder photography enthusiasts find Cape Greco’s panoramic views simply irresistible.

Sightseeing in the area will give you even more incentive to unearth your artistic nature. For example, the Monachus Monachus Arch (Love Bridge) is a beautiful bridge in Ayia Napa; the “Kamara tou Koraka” boasts a height span of 50 feet and is more than 20 feet wide.


5. Boat Trips –Diving

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We conclude with the boat trips, which are available during the whole summer season (late April to late October) and take tourists along the beautiful coastline and the intriguing sea caves that are accessible only by sea.

If you are a certified diver, scuba – diving is another great option for you: underwater, the seabed and the rocky formations feature an even more bewitching appeal.


Cape Greco is paradisiac, and options of fun-packed and exciting activities for the whole family are numerous and fascinating. Ready to go?

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