If you love food, then the island of Cyprus is one place you really must visit. Food is a big deal in Cyprus. Meals are not hurried affairs, something to get over and done with before we get back on with our next task. In Cyprus, food is savoured, it’s enjoyed, with friends and family. It’s not uncommon in Cyprus to spend hours at the dining table, eating a wide range of delicacies, with a glass of the delectable local wine in hand. One of the joys of staying in Cyprus is going out to eat. After a day at the beach, it’s lovely to return to your villa and get ready for a trip into town to a local restaurant. Sit outside in the warm evening air, watch the sunset and enjoy a wonderful meal.


It’s tasty and good for you too

One of the great things about Cypriot food, is that it’s really healthy. So you don’t have to worry about eating all the wrong foods while you’re on your holiday. The food in Cyprus is as healthy as it is delicious. Packed full of fresh food and vegetables, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


A blend of many cuisines

Cyprus occupies a unique location on the earth, sat between three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe, and it is this location that makes the food of the island so special as it’s a blend of so many different styles of cooking. The Cypriots have had a lot of culinary influences over the centuries and they’ve taken all the best bits from all over the world and created a style all of their own. For example, you can enjoy a delicious fresh Mediterranean style meal, yet it will be infused with wonderful Middle Eastern spices.


Don’t forget the meze

Dont forget meze

If you want to experience a wide range of local foods without getting too full too quickly, visit a traditional tavern and order the meze. You’ll be delighted with a wide range of small dishes that will  be presented to you from time to time. You really can spend all day sampling the Cyprus meze! There’ll be meats, cheeses, olives, bread and dips. It’s a real taste sensation.


Don’t forget dessert

Dont forget dessert

You really do need to leave room for dessert though as Cyprus has some true delights to offer in this department! Try the loukoumades, a deep fried choux pastry dripping with syrup or the Mahelepi, a sticky type of baklava. Our top tip if you’re not feeling quite ready for your dessert is to order it to take away with you. Then you can relax on your villa terrace, watch the stunning Cyprus sunset, and appreciate your desserts a little later when you’re ready.


Fill your villa kitchen with delights

Fill your villa kitchen with delights

When you’ve booked a luxurious villa for your holiday, it’s nice to spend time there and enjoy some meals around your private pool. Stock up on delicacies from a local bakery and you’ll have some real delights to enjoy. From lovely pastries, to divine pies, you’ll always find something special and freshly baked.


Book your villa today

If you’re planning a foodie trip to Cyprus soon, do check out our luxury villas. Here you’ll find a fully equipped kitchen if you’d like to prepare your own meals, outdoor dining facilities to enjoy your meals in the sunshine, and ample dining space for all the family to get together and enjoy a meal Cypriot style!

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