A glass of local wine when you’re on holiday in Cyprus is a delicious treat, but take the time to discover where the wine comes from, and the history behind it, and that glass will taste even sweeter. A journey into the world of wine in Cyprus is enjoyable and educational. When you feel you need a break from the beaches, taking a day out to discover the vineyards of Cyprus is a day like no other.


The perfect location for grapes

Cyprus is one of the oldest wine producing areas in the world. Most likely because growing grapes is comparatively easy in Cyprus due to the ideal climate and the perfect mixed soil. The wine produced here is of a very high quality. There are more than 100 different grape varieties grown in Cyprus, including several that were grown in ancient times.


Step back in time on a journey of wine

Step back in time on journey wine

Cyprus has a rich history, and wine making seems to be intertwined throughout each era. Evidence of wine making in Cyprus has been found in archaeological excavations including mosaics dating back to the 2nd Century BC discovered in the remains of a Roman villa, and written records such as the works of Hesiod are proof that Cyprus was making wine right back in 800 BC.

There are so many wineries in Cyprus, you could spend weeks visiting them all. Many wineries now offer tours and these are very interesting. You’ll discover the processes of winemaking, and your guide may even have some fascinating stories about wine making through history, and the connections between wine and the myths and legends that shroud this island in mystery. Visiting wineries gets you out and about, off the beaten track. Your journey will be a pleasure in itself, and the vineyards are tranquil places surrounded by rich natural beauty.


Enjoy a tasting

Enjoy a tasting

Your winery trips are likely to include a sampling of the wines available. You’ll be guided through the tasting, giving you a level of wine appreciation you’ve never experienced before, with all the subtle notes being defined for you. After this experience, you’ll never see wine in quite the same way ever again. Don’t forget to buy a bottle to take home with you. There’s really nothing more relaxing and magical than enjoying a bottle of Cypriot wine while sat on the balcony of your villa watching that stunning Cyprus sunset.


Set out by yourself or join an organised tour

There’s something rather enjoyable about sitting down with a map and planning out your own wine tour, but if you’d rather not make your own plans, you’ll find organised bus tours available that you can join, taking you to vineyards, wine museums and to enjoy tastings. Of course taking a bus tour means that no one has to drive so you can all enjoy the samples of wine that will be offered along the way!


Find the ideal villa from which to explore

Whether your tour of the wineries and wine museums takes you a day, or you venture further and spend more time investigating this fascinating facet of Cypriot life and history, you’ll need the perfect base. Choose one of our relaxing and luxurious private villas and you’ll have all the space you need to plan your trips, as well as beautiful views and peaceful spaces to appreciate that glass of wine after a long day out on your wine adventure! Visit our website now to see all the amazing villas available for you.

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