People come to Cyprus for many reasons. The glorious weather, the clean, beautiful beaches, the history, but also for the food. The cuisine of Cyprus is unique. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else and the Cypriots are very passionate about it. Due to the geographical location of the island, you’ll find a strong Greek flavour to the dishes, with some Middle Eastern influences. It’s a wonderful combination. There are some amazing restaurants in Cyprus, and plenty of places to order take out to enjoy in your villa. Here are some delicacies that you must try next time you’re in Cyprus…


Afelia with Pourgouri

Afelia with Pourgouri is a filling dish, so order this when you have a big appetite. Afelia is a pork casserole, with a magical flavour due to the addition of red wine and coriander. This is served with pourgouri, a wheat based pilaf, and refreshing yoghurt. 



This special pudding is made from locally grown grape juice and is served with almonds or walnuts.


Souvlakia with Sheftalia

Souvlakia Sheftalia

These two dishes compliment each other nicely and so are often served together. Souvlakia is charcoal cooked pork served in a pitta bread with salad and sheftalia is made with minced meat and seasoned onions.



These fried meatballs are a true taste sensation, better than any meatballs you’ve had back home!



If you’re heading out for the day and taking a picnic lunch, be sure to pick up some of these tasty fried pies filled with anari cheese and dipped in syrup.


Ravioli with Halloumi Cheese

Ravioli Halloumi Cheese

No visit to Cyprus is complete with tasting the local halloumi cheese and what better way to enjoy it than as the filling for freshly made ravioli? This special ravioli is made with halloumi, mint and eggs and is cooked in chicken broth. A topping of grated halloumi just adds that little extra something.




These are baby vine leaves, stuffed with a mouth watering mixture of minced meat, onions, and the perfect blend of herbs.



This local alcoholic beverage is made from highly distilled grape juice. It’s delicious, but enjoy in moderation as it’s very strong!


Pastitchio ‘Makaronia Tou Fornou’

A baked dish, rich and flavourful, Pastitchio ‘Makaronia Tou Fornou’ is made with minced meat, bechemel sauce, pasta and a generous helping of cheese. A hearty dish that’s perfect for an evening meal after a busy day.



These spicy pork sausages are seasoned with wine and spices and are packed full of flavour.


Loukoumi – Geroskipou Delight

For a sweet treat, try these lovely little delights. Chewy sweets, covered in powdered sugar, they come in a variety of flavours including rose, mint and lemon.  Similar to Turkish Delight, but with a flavour all of its own.



A sweet pudding made from maize, served cold and flavoured with rosewater.



Kleftiko is a lamb dish. The meat is roasted on the bone, slowly, until it is perfectly tender and just falls off the bone. It’s cooked in red wine and herbs.


Loukoumades and Shamishi

Perfect as a dessert, or with a coffee, these round fried dough delights are sweetened with syrup and are a fabulous treat.




This delicious dip is the perfect accompaniment to pitta bread. A unique mix of sesame seeds with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil, it makes your bread taste divine! A great starter or snack.




If you’re feeling really hungry and you have plenty of time then opt for the meze. You’ll be treated to more than twenty different dishes, each of them different, some hot, some cold. You’ll discover local olives, halloumi, wonderful meat and fish dishes. It’s a real experience.


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