Being newly weds is a wonderful feeling. You’ve done it, you’re married to your true love and now you’re moving on in your new life together. You’ve had a wonderful wedding day, all that planning and organisation paid off and now it’s time to relax on your honeymoon. So where will you go? There are so many great hotels out there, but will it be suitable for a honeymoon? Do you really want to be surrounded by families or large groups? For such a special holiday, a private villa is an amazing option. It really does offer everything you need for your dream honeymoon.


Perfect privacy

Perfect privacy

This is a time when you’ll want to be alone with your new spouse. A honeymoon is a truly special time for you both, so time together, with no one else around will be really important to you. Whether you’re sharing a meal, or sat watching the sun go down, chatting about your future, you’ll want peace and togetherness. When you choose a private villa for your honeymoon, it’s all yours, and yours alone. You won’t have any rowdy people in the room next door, or a hoard of children running around when you’re trying to have a romantic candlelit dinner. Your space is all yours, just for the two of you.


An extra level of luxury

There’s something really special about having a villa all to yourself, especially if you have a private pool too. You can luxuriate all day and not see a single other soul. All our villas are of a very high standard, with that attention to detail that just makes you feel special. This is no ordinary holiday, this is your honeymoon, so you’ll want to make sure it is just perfect and rather different from your usual trips away. Book a luxury villa and you’ll have that extra level of luxury that you deserve.


The perfect setting for romance

perfect setting for romance

Our villas offer the most romantic of settings, perfectly suited for honeymooners. Imagine relaxing on your private terrace, watching the famous Cyprus sunset, just the two of you. Perhaps you’re dining alfresco, taking in the panoramic sea views, or taking a refreshing dip in your own private pool to cool off from the midday sun.


Everything you need to hand

Your villa will be fully equipped with everything you need, whether you want to curl up together on a comfortable sofa, or cook a romantic meal to enjoy by candlelight. All our villas are well located, so if you feel like taking a stroll, you’ll be close to some great restaurants and bars, and of course there’s the beach which those breath-taking views.


Book your dream honeymoon villa now

We have a wide range of luxury villas that would be perfect for your special honeymoon. Book with us and you can rest assured that you will have a fantastic holiday in pure luxury. You can reserve your villa online via our website with ease and we’ll make sure your honeymoon villa is ready for your arrival so you can settle right in and feel at home with your new spouse.

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