It has been the theme of countless paintings and photos, and its origins fade within the depths of time, attracting throngs of tourists and visitors from all around the world with its mesmerising beauty and captivating location over the waters of Ayia Napa.

Indeed, the naturally sculptured bridge of Camara in Ayia Napa’s Coraka site is often referred to as the “Grand Canyon” of Cyprus, serving as the ideal spot for exchanging oaths of internal love and loyalty.


Where Natures Dwarfs Human Creativity


Linking lands over water has never been an easy feat for human engineers and mastering the techniques of building durable bridges that are also architecturally beautiful has taken humanity thousands of years of hard labour and thought. Still, nature, with its God-inspired wonderous laws and incessant change, keeps dwarfing our achievements, with awe-inspiring creations that have sculptured out of her womb through thousands of years.

One such creation is the Cape Greco natural Bridge.

Very close to the famous summer resort of Ayia Napa, and within the Cape Greco National Forest of Cyprus, this imposing physical structure dominates the whole area, overlooking the majestic shores and waters of eastern Mediterranean, which is almost untouched by human civilization and is famed as an ideal spot for relaxation and deep rest – as well as marriage proposals!


Why Lovers Love It…

rocky cliffs

Carved out of the primordial rocky cliffs through the unyielding persistence of the waves crushing fiercely on the coast for millennia, it inspires a relentless sense of romanticism and convinces human that love can last, even when the waves of human fallacy and age savagely battle it, just like this bridge of stone keeps linking two parts of land that would otherwise be impossible to connect.

Yes, human relationships do resemble bridges, and a bridge staying up high through the centuries and against the elements human activity is the best possible emblem of how humans can remain loyal to its other, no matter the adversities and circumstances.

It is this underlying symbolism that is probably felt by couples that attracts there and urges them to share their vows of lifetime affection, just like in the Grand Canyon of the USA, which is equally famous for similar reasons.

Hence, if you are truly in love, plan your next trip with your soulmate to Ayia Napa. Who knows, maybe it will be the place that will bind your futures forever.

If visiting the site can be so captivating, imagine living there! Check some of our most romantic villas in Ayia Napa and Protaras!


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