Close your eyes and try to picture this: the sun’s warmth just reached your face and you slowly awake from the gentle sound of the waves, feeling you had the best sleep of your life. Sitting on your bed and stretching your hands, you raise your eyes and see golden sand stretching a few meters away from your garden’s door, all the way to a serene, azure colored sea which looks more like a gigantic private pool, waiting for you to dive in its crystal – clear waves… You can actually zip this dreamy situation in one phrase: Book a villa in Ayia Napa/Protaras.

Check out our selection of 5 near-the-the-beach villas in Ayia Napa and Protaras that will leave you speechless and convince that your dreams can be realized in Cyprus!


  1. SV9


    SV9 is a modern 3-bedroom villa featuring space and elegance in its design, and –most importantly- it is just a few steps away from where the waves fade onto the golden sand of Ayia Thekla’s serene shore. As for restaurants, shops, and other amenities, they are no more than a couple of kilometers away - tops a 5-minute drive.

    Outside, SV9 has anything you would expect of a luxury villa: a sea front balcony, a spacious terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and sea, a garden and BBQ, and – this is truly amazing – a private pool! “Redundant,” you may say, “since the sea is so close to the villa.” Wrong! A private pool will give you the chance to relax, socialize, watch movies, play with the kids, without having to worry about their safety and whenever you wish to take a dive, even when you feel you do not have the mood and energy to walk to the beach!

    As for the interior? Just check it out!

  2. SVI3

    propose villa sv13teaser

    This one is among the few that is so elegant and cozy, you will find it hard to cross the garden gate out, despite the fact that the beach is no more than a few meters away!

    This beautiful 3-bedroom villa is in the heart of the resort, surrounded by all sorts of amenities, but still just a couple of minutes walk from Nissi Beach, which is considered by many as the most beautiful beach in Cyprus.

    Featuring great room spaces, it is basically designed to cater the needs of a big family – or two small ones! A personal favorite? The private pool! Want to take a closer look?

  3. GV12


    Another 3-bedroom gem, just a breath away from where the waves crash, offering probably the best panoramic views of the Ayia Thecla shoreline.

    Ideal for families with small children, its advantage is the extra privacy and seclusion it offers, by being on the outskirts of the resort – ideal for couples or families that need deep rest. 2 stunning beaches, on the other hand, are easily reached by foot and, along with the pool, guarantee you will spend most of your time in Cyprus under the sand and its crystal-clear waters. Learn more!

  4. ME16


    Let us show you something in Protaras now, which is a bit bigger too: this fantastic 4-bedroom villa offers instant access to the beach, without bargaining luxury and comfort.

    Apart from having a stunning golden beach right in front of you, the private pool makes sure that the parents of one large or two medium-sized families with small children will have the chance to enjoy their rest and summer escape without stress and fear about their restless youngsters! As for the villa itself, interior and exterior rival one another in comfort and luxury. Get the details!

  5. NV28


    The last one is probably the best, hitting straight 10s in all our ratings! A wonderful and modern 5-bedroom sea front villa, right in the heart of Protaras resort and all its amenities, and no more than a couple of minutes away from the famed Fig Tree Bay Beach and all its amenities.

    Furnished with state-of-the-art appliances, 6 bathrooms (5 En-suite), a private outdoor pool and much more it is by far the most luxurious near-the-beach villa one can find in the whole island. Enough said, just head on and check it out!

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