There’s something wonderful about going away on holiday. You’re leaving the pressures of work and all those boring chores behind. You can relax around the pool for hours, without feeling guilty that you really should be weeding the garden or cleaning the house instead. It’s pure luxury. It’s that feeling of release when you get away for a while that is so beneficial for your mind and your body. Going away on holiday really can help to improve your health, and boost your mental well being. Allowing you to return home feeling revitalised and more positive. The perfect place for your next wellness break is your own private villa. Giving you the ideal opportunity to truly get away from it all and focus on improving your mind, body and soul…


Space to think

When you book a villa holiday, you have your space all to yourself, you’re not surrounded by other holidaymakers. So you can have all the peace and tranquillity you desire. It’s a great opportunity just to sit and think. To reflect on your life, all that you have to be grateful for, and those aspect that could perhaps be improved. When you’re away from your usual life, it’s a good time to see things in perspective, when you’re that step away. It’s a time to make new plans, set goals, and come up with some ideas.


Embrace the healing powers of nature

Nature really is magical. Just gazing at the views from your villa will calm your mind and really boost your mood. Watch the sunset over the ocean and you get a real feeling of just how amazing it is to be alive. Of course there are more opportunities to get close to nature when you venture forth from your villa, a walk in the countryside, or along the sea front is very beneficial.


Get active

Get active

You’ll also have lots of opportunities to be more active. If your villa has a pool, an early morning swim is a wonderful way to start the day. Check out what activities are available nearby such as golf, tennis or water sports. These sports are all way more fun when you’re in a sunny place and it’s the perfect time to learn a new skill, returning home feeling you’ve really accomplished something.


Healthy eating made easy

Healthy eating made easy

When you’re in a cooler climate, healthy eating can seem like a bit of an ordeal. No one wants salad every day when they are cold. So we opt for hearty comfort foods instead, or a fattening takeaway. When you’re in your villa in the sunshine, all this changes. Those refreshing salads suddenly becomes incredibly appealing, and fresh seafood better than any you’ve ever tasted is readily available.


A time to bond with loved ones

Time to bond with loved ones

With no distractions and obligations, your villa holiday gives you a fantastic opportunity to forge extra bonds and reconnect with your loved ones. Whether you’re visiting with a partner, or your whole family, you’ll have lots of quality time together and you’ll make some precious memories.


Book your relaxing villa holiday today 

You deserve a break and it will do you the world of good. Check out our luxurious villas in the Protaras area and book your villa today, starting your journey to wellness and pure relaxation.

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