1. Over Planning

Planning what you’re going to do on your vacation is fun, wherever you go, no doubt there will be some sights you must see, some places you really want to visit and a range of activities you’d love to take part in. But if you put together a busy itinerary, you’ll be left exhausted and holidays are about relaxing too! Schedule in some rest days, to chill out on the beach or for enjoying the pool at your villa. It’s also good to have some days where you simply do whatever you want, set out and explore, who knows what surprises you’ll discover? Don’t worry about missing out. If you love your chosen destination then you can always return another time and see all those sights you didn’t get to see first time round.


  1. Over Packing

Over Packing

Many of us fall into the trap of packing too much when we travel. How often do you return from your vacations with half your outfits unworn? Travel a little lighter and you may just feel a sense of release and your suitcase will be easier to carry too!


  1. Working


When you go on holiday, make sure you work is all neatly tied up and everything is covered before you go. It’s no fun to be relaxing in the sunshine and then being interrupted by calls from work. You’re wasting your holiday time if your mind is focussed on work.


  1. Spending too much time on your phone

Of course you’ll want to check in with the people back home occasionally, or post your holiday snaps on Facebook, but don’t lose your precious holiday moments by disappearing into your phone or tablet too often. Putting the gadgets aside and engaging with the real world is good for us. For a time, you can be a doer rather than an observer.


  1. Not having a balanced holiday

The best holidays offer the perfect balance of relaxation and activity so make sure you do both. Lazy days enjoying all that your villa home has to offer is wonderful, but so is a trek to enjoy the local countryside, or time spent learning a new skill, perhaps there’s a water sport you’ve always wanted to try? A varied holiday is so much fun.


  1. Being afraid to try something new

Sticking to what you know you like does make sense in some ways, but there’s so much out there to see and do. Doing the exact same things every time you go away seems a shame when you could be discovering new places, trying new activities.


  1. Failing to book the perfect accommodation

Of course you’ll be out and about on your holiday, but you’ll also be spending a lot of time in your accommodation so it’s important to choose well. Ensure your accommodation is spacious enough for you and your family and that is has plenty to offer such as a private pool, beautiful views and an outdoor dining area. You’ll find these areas are where some very special memories will be made!


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