Cyprus is steeped in natural beauty, and what better way to enjoy it than to take to the hiking trails? With a wealth of picturesque routes to take, Cyprus is so popular with hikers, and whatever your ability, you’ll find a hike that’s perfect for you. Whether you want a leisurely stroll with the little ones, or a more challenging day-long trek, Cyprus has it all. We’ve picked out 5 fantastic hiking trails that all have something amazing to offer. Whether it’s ancient architecture, breath-taking waterfalls or panoramic sea views, a hike in Cyprus is always a joy. 

  1. Avakas Gorge Trail


A beautiful trail that takes you through the spectacular Avakas Gorge, a limestone canyon created over thousands of years by a flowing stream, slowly wearing away the limestone. If you’re lucky, you may also get to see the wild goats that live in the area. This trail is best suited to the summer months as the water in the gorge can reach levels where it becomes unsafe for hiking during the winter. 

  1. Caledonia Waterfalls Trail


A pretty and tranquil trail, this is an enjoyable 3km hike that is mostly well shaded. Take this trail and you’ll be rewarded with a close up view of one of the tallest waterfalls in Cyprus, the Caledonia falls. It’s certainly quite a sight to behold at 12m high. 

  1. Smigies Trail

At just 3km long, the Smigies Trail is ideal for those looking for a shorter walk, and it’s a good option for those with younger children who tire easily. It’s a fine choice for bird watchers too, as migratory birds can often be spotted as the trail winds through the Akamas forest. There are also some wondrous views of the coastline of the Akamas peninsula, so do take a moment to stop and enjoy these. 

  1. Madari Circular Trail


This 13km circular trail has a lot to offer, and while quite lengthy, it’s not too difficult, with no particularly steep parts of the route. Set within the beautiful Troodos mountains, along your journey you’ll see the UNESCO World Heritage Panagia Tou Araka church, and the stunning Xyliatos Dam.  

  1. Artemis Trail

The Artemis Trail starts and ends at the car park at the foot of Mount Olympus, and the journey takes you right round the mountain. It’s an interesting route that most should not find too difficult. It’s a good trail when the sun is at its peak, as much of the walk is in the shade. For those with an interest in geology, look out for some rare geological features such as chromite pits and pyroxenite and dunite veins. 

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