Ayia Napa is much more than just a great destination; it is a treasure chest of wonderful attractions and offers an array of fantastic spots for daily excursions. In other words, Ayia Napa combines natural beauty and an abundance of opportunities for action!

“Ok,” you may say, “but summer is gone, and I have probably lost my chance.” Wrong. That is what is great about Ayia Napa - and Cyprus in general; it as an appealing and thrill-packed destination all year round, especially during mid-fall. All sorts of land and water sports and activities meet the whims and fancies of people of all ages, cultural interests, physical strength and adrenaline levels.

Some more specific recommendations are in order; don’t you think?


Top Outdoor Activities for your November Escape in Ayia Napa


1. Boat Trips from Ayia Napa

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Boasting a truly oneiric coastline, coated with golden sand, emerald waters, a rich underwater landscape, as well as a stunning seabed, Ayia Napa is an ideal destination for daily boat trips around the and across the sea-shore. Whether you decide to combine it with fishing, snorkelling, scuba-diving, deep-sea swims and fancy dives from the deck, or just prefer to enjoy your drink relaxed upon your deck-chair and felt inspired by the calm sea and majestic land views, a boat trip will afford your autumn escape lots of memorable moments.

Furthermore, there are numerous types of boats to choose from, from vessels with a transparent keel for seabed explorations to party boats - or even a pirate ship! - all designed to add something special to your boat trip.


2. Ayia Napa Harbour

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This subtitle highlights not a specific outdoor activity, but a place in Ayia Napa that can be the centre for numerous joyful ones.

Indeed, the picturesque harbour of Ayia Napa, especially during the fall, is perfect for romantic rambles, as well as photographs of the amazing horizon over the sea, especially when coated in the gold and fiery shades of the setting sun, or the yellowish and bluish colours of the dawn.


3. Ayia Napa Monastery

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If you wish to explore an entirely different scenery, you can also visit the local Monastery. Nested in a wonderful location on the outskirts of the town, it will you explore the religious beliefs and culture of the locals, as well as catch spectacular views of the surrounding environment.


4. Cultural Events

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Here is one for those of you with who are keen on attending cultural events. Ayia Napa hosts a broad range of theatrical shows, musical events, traditional dance happenings and contests. In some of them, also, you can also take part – locals are very friendly and hospitable.


5. Ayia Napa Sea Caves Jeep Safari

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Finally, something for the most adventurous souls. Drop in a Jeep and set on a genuine off-road adventure to the numerous caves formed in Ayia Napa’s costaline, offering breathtaking views, imposing geological formations, secluded caves, hidden ruins and exhilarating dives in the still warm waters of the region.

Make no mistake; this sort list is nothing but an indication of the outdoor activities and attraction Ayia Napa has in store for its fortunate visitors during the fall. Why not join them?


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