While many people flock here in the summer months to make the most of the beaches, you’ll have just as much fun in Cyprus in the springtime, and here’s why…


The weather is perfect

Cyprus benefits from year-round sunshine, so even a winter visit is very pleasant. If you’re planning a trip here this year, you may find springtime is ideal, and even better for you than a summer holiday. During the summer months, the sun is very hot and can become a little overwhelming. It’s perfect for sunbathing, but if you’d like to be more active and explore all that this fascinating island has to offer, it can feel just a little too hot at times. Choose to visit in the spring and you’ll still have beautifully sunny days, but it will be better suited for hiking, cycling, and other more active pursuits.

There’s so much natural beauty

Cyprus is stunningly beautiful, and perhaps never more so than during the springtime. To find the most breathtaking views, take a drive through the Troodos mountains, explore the winding roads, and discover some of the most awe-inspiring panoramic views, stopping to gaze across the island and over the sea.

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Uncover the mysteries of the past

Cyprus has such a rich history and so much of it is well preserved in fascinating historical and archaeological sites you can visit. It’s so interesting to learn more about the island and its story and there’s certainly no shortage of interesting ancient sites and informative museums that will enthral the whole family.

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Explore quaint traditional villages

When you take a trip to check out the ancient villages of Cyprus, you almost feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Every village is unique, but they are all beautiful in their own right so do be sure to visit several when you’re next in Cyprus. There are always some hidden gems to discover. Perhaps you’ll find a pretty church, see the locals making crafts, or enjoy a delicious Cyprus delicacy that you’ve never had before.

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Enjoy a unique culinary experience

Foodies will love a trip to Cyprus as the traditional dishes are out of this world. Due to both its rich history and unique geographical location, Cyprus has had many influences, and this of course is expressed in the food. You’ll find dishes with a familiar feel if you’ve travelled around Mediterranean countries before, but you’ll also discover an extra level of flavour and unique twists on dishes you’ve never experienced before. With a strong influence from the Middle East, you’ll find spices used to add spectacular depth of flavour.

Why wait for summer?

Are you ready for a holiday? Summer is a long time away, so why not book your trip to this magical paradise island sooner? Visit in spring and you’ll have amazing weather, but without the crowds, you’ll experience during the height of the tourist season. Be sure to browse the gorgeous villas at Imagine Villa Rentals and pick out the perfect base for your next Cyprus holiday. With high-quality accommodation, private pools, and spectacular views in top locations, you’re truly spoilt for choice.


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