Some people hate September, as it usually means the end of their summer vacations. That is not the case with Cyprus! The “golden-green leaf thrown into the sea” (a well-known poetic description of Cyprus) is well-known for its extended summertime weather. For Cypriots, summer starts from mid-May and ends in early October!

So, if you haven’t managed to visit this beautiful island yet, do not worry, you have plenty of time! In this article, we will explain the reasons that make Cyprus the best destination for your delayed-summer holidays!


1. Warm Weather & Sweet Sun

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July’s and August’s scorching sun calms a bit in September, which means you face less risk of sunburns. Still, with temperatures as high as 30 οC (or 86 oF), the crystal-clear waters engulfing the island are revitalizing and equally pleasant. Plus, beaches are not as packed as during the summer.

Rainy clouds seldom make their appearance, and even when they do (usually once or twice during the last days of September), it’s just a matter of light showers here and there, nothing more.

At night, the temperature rarely drops below 23 οC or 74 oF, thus a lightweight summer cardigan or a long-sleeved blouse will do the trick. Besides, the light breeze at late hours sets the scene for a perfect night’s sleep.


2. Long Days

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Another advantage September boasts its long days. The sun rises just a few minutes after 6 am and sets at about 7:30 pm, offering around 12 hours of sunshine each day! Make the most of your days planning your favorite activities and marking on the calendar the events you wish to attend. However, never forget to wear your sunglasses and apply plenty of suntan lotion, no matter where you plan to go.


3. September’s Events in Cyprus 

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Regarding activities and events, September is certainly not a boring month. Water parks are open to the public until late October (as mentioned above, September is considered a summer month in Cyprus), and the famous annual Wine Festival held at early September is one of the most popular events throughout the year.

September in Cyprus is also devoted to music. Festivals and concerts of all music kinds cater for moods and fancies. With more than 20 events within one month, it is almost impossible to get bored.


4. Cleaner Seas

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By September, the first waves of tourists have subsided, making the emerald sea waters even cleaner, and bathing yet more peaceful and refreshing. Of course, most Cyprus beaches are awarded every year with the blue sea flag for its crystal-clear waters and excellent shores, but obviously fewer people on the beach make things even better. Considering the aforementioned water temperature levels, which are ideal for swimming, September will probably become your favorite month for summer escapes!


5. Ideal for Exploring the Island

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The 12-hours daylength affords enough time to drive a few extra miles and discover Cyprus’ charms, sights, and beauties. From archaeological sites, zoos, and other sites of cultural interest to landscape tours and cruises promise a treasure of unforgettable moments.


Taking all these into consideration, it is obvious summer vacation dreams still linger on and can easily be realized in September – if you choose Cyprus as your destination. Why lose the chance to visit this spot of unmatched natural beauty at its best? In fact, booking a luxurious villa by the sea makes the picture simply perfect! Check our list of villas available for September and find the perfect match for you and your family or friends!

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