Ok, Cyprus has a rich history, all sorts of great sights and a fantastic cuisine, but none of these is the island’s tourist magnet. People of all ages from every corner of the earth swarm into the island each year for its stunning coastline and superb waters.

Born out of the matrix of a gigantic volcano million years ago, several of the island’s shores are covered with dark volcanic sand and pebble. Still, especially in the west and south of the island, golden sand beaches have surfaced like gems, faced by turquoise waters.

However, even more, fabulous among them, the island’s crown jewels, are the white sand beaches. Their amazing fine powder sand has no parallel in the eastern Mediterranean, attracting thousands of sunbathers who wish to soak up as much sun as possible.

Take a look for yourself.


1. The Nissi Beach

the nissi beach

It is not just its spectacular emerald waters and flower-like sand. The Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa has everything it takes to top a list not just of Cyprus’ best beaches, but also those of the eastern Mediterranean.

First of all, Nissi is far more spacious than most Mediterranean beaches, perfect for loners and families alike, especially those with toddlers and relatively young children. Its serene, blue-green waters, which are surprisingly warm even at this time of the year, seem to barely touch the whitish sand, inviting you just to lie down, unwind and absorb as much of this earthly heaven as possible. 

Beach amenities? Nothing to worry about, even during the fall. Loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins, WC’s, showers – all well running and available. Equipment for beach activities or water sports can be found all over the place.

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2. The Makronissos Beach

the makronissos beach

Known as Nissi’s quiet kid brother, Makronissos Beach is far more peaceful – but that has nothing to do with its natural traits and beauty.

Makronissos’ equally mesmerising white sand attire and crystal-clear azure waters attract mostly families with small children, and that is why things are generally quieter here. Infrastructure, amenities, equipment rentals – Makronissos will not be found wanting in anything you might need besides deep rest, genuine relaxation and filling sunbathing.


3. The Fig Tree Bay Beach

the fig tree bay beach

Enjoying world fame for its unique blend of natural colours, the Fig Tree beach offers easy access to its turquoise waters, a nicely sheltered and romantic bay, all the usual amenities plus one of the prettiest surrounding landscapes on the island.


4. The Grecian Bay

The official name of this beach (used on most maps and the internet) is Glyki Nero, but locals and returning tourists who have fallen in love with its amazing white sand shore often refer to it as the Grecian Bay. Rather close to the centre of Ayia Napa, linking the town’s picturesque harbour with the famous sea caves of Ayia Napa.

A long stripe of white sand, the Grecian Bay is also a very family-friendly beach, teaming with excellent restaurants and snack bars. Just strolling this piece of heaven during sunset is an amazing, one in a lifetime experience.

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Words will never suffice to describe this wonders of nature, and surely you won’t get a glimpse of their sun no matter how many articles you read about them! Make up your mind and visit the place.

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