Cyprus’ eastern shores are famed for their stunning beaches, which are thought to be the island’s finest. Besides, most of them are Blue Flag awarded – but here’s something interesting: Blue flags are never awarded just for safe and clear waters. Public facilities, amenities and water sports activities are also considered. And Protaras combines them all!

Watersports add spice to our summer escapes, making it much more than just relaxing on the sand all day – not that it is anything wrong with that (on the contrary!), but let’s admit it, there are times we need an adrenaline rush to enjoy a day out in the beach fully, don’t we?

Well, since you are obviously interested, keep on reading! First, you will find a brief description of watersports options in the Protaras area, and then some more specific details on certain hot spots.  


Protaras Watersports Options

Well, Protaras is widely known for its Power Boats and Jet Skis, which are available for hire almost anywhere. Water-skiing and Paragliding are also offered in most beaches, and experienced guides and tutors make sure everyone can enjoy them, even if they are totally inexperienced or try it for the first time. If you are looking for something more… peculiar, check out for Wakeboarding too.

Kids and families in general also love the traditional Banana boats, fitting as much as 8 people for a wild wave ride, while couples and adventurous friends opt for the rings (1 or 2 people at most). Go for these ones only when the water is at least a bit wrinkled – that’s when fun is guaranteed! If the weather gets a bit windy and your physical condition is up to it, Windsurfing and its wilder recent version Kitesurfing are by far your best option. On the other hand, if flat water seems nicer to you, you can also try Canoeing, the traditional Pedal boats, and Catamarans.   

Now that you know your options let’s take a look at the best beaches in Protaras that combine great waters and excellent watersports.


Best Spots to Hit the Waves


Fig Tree Bay

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By far the most popular beach in Protaras, Fig Tree Bay owes its fame mainly to its unique natural beauty, scenic coastline, and fine-grained, almost white sand. Waters are shallow and usually tranquil, making it an excellent choice for families with small children. Watersports options cover most of the range mentioned above, including surfing, waterskiing, and paragliding, while the small rocky island emerging just a few meters away from shore invites ardent swimmers to reach and explore it.


Green Bay

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Perfect for those of you who are not so keen on crowded beaches, Green Bay Beach combines relaxed sunbathing and swimming with excellent watersport infrastructure – a bit more limited compared to Fig Tree Bay, but offering more space to move around. 


Kapparis Beach

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Attracting tourists residing mostly at the north of Protaras, Kapparis Beach is famed for its golden colored shore and shallow, turquoise waters. A bit remote and preserving a trackless sort of charm, the beach is ideal for both family-friendly and more adventurous watersports, including kitesurfing and jet skiing.


Konnos Beach

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Small and well nestled under a steep rocky cliff, Konnos Beach is no more than a couple of minutes away from Cape Greco and definitely adds to the beauty of the surrounding area with its powder-like golden sand and clear waters. While fine protected by several hills from heavy winds, making the first meters of the beach ideal for canoeing and more relaxing watersports, outside the hill-shield waves are simply great for bananas, windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet skiing and power boat wild rides. Paragliding is also on offer.


Pernera Beach

water sports pernerateaser

Last, meant for watersports addicts that do not want to leave the beach even for lunch, Pernera Beach is circled by topnotch restaurants and tavernas, while its blue waters and sandy shore are ideal for relaxing sunbathing or adventurous watersports.

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