The broader Ayia Napa region is a bouquet of stunning beaches, sculptured by the elements, adorned by the sea and shaped by the wind through the millennia. Thousands of tourists flood its envied coastline every summer, enjoying its crystal-clear waters and sandy shores.

Still, if you ask the locals which time of the year one can find the beaches of Ayia Napa at their best, you will probably be astonished to hear them talking about early to mid-fall! The reason, well except for the less scorching yet refreshingly warm sun, the beaches are more quiet and serene, often giving the impression of a private paradise than a public beach.

We have picked for you 3 beaches famed for their beauty and secluded character for those of you who cherish a dream of buying their own island sometime in the future…


1. Ammos tou Kampouri Beach (The Hunch-back’s Sand)

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A few years ago it was Ayia Napa’s most treasured secret – but such exceptional natural beauty could not remain undiscovered for long. As soon as the Ammos tou Kampouri beach got its first blue flag, this small graphic cove with its eerie charm turned into a magnet for tourists that love blending seclusion and emerald, crystal clear waters.

Situated somewhere between the wondrous sea caves of Ayia Napa and Cavo Greco, it stands out for its small island right on the cove’s heart and its shallow waters. Its side rocky formations


2. Limnara

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Scarcely known, yet with a blue flag, the Limnara beach is considered ideal for families, especially with small children and toddlers. While not so famed as other beaches in the area, it is well organised, with umbrellas and sunbathing chairs, to bars and taverns, making it easy for anyone to spend an entire day on the beach.

The natural scenery seems like tesserae fallen down from heaven. A sandy beach, divided into small bays and coves, shielded by the winds and sea breezes by a picturesque rock formation. Its turquoise waters are shallow and perfectly safe for kids of small age.


3. Mikri Makronesos (“Little oblong island”)

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This little earthy gem has won the hearts and minds of locals and foreigners alike with its fine-grained sand and its rocky demarcation, protecting her from winds. During the fall, afternoons here are pure magic, giving the impression of a privately own haven that has just open to the public. The beach is well organised, with all the usual amenities, while its warm, shallow waters attract people of all ages, especially families.

There are some places in the world that are magnificent but just during a specific time of the year. On the other hand, a small number of spots around the globe remain captivating throughout the year, breathing their charms in a different, yet always fascinating way. Ayia Napa is one of those places, and it would be a shame not to experience its unique beauty.


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