Cyprus in spring is divine as the sun finally shines, the weather is mild, and nature blossoms, making it the perfect season for some outdoor activities and sightseeing. Springtime has the optimum temperature as the average daytime temperature is around 21 Celsius degrees in the coast and 15 Celsius degrees in the mountains. The island offers truly breathtaking and idyllic sceneries, which you can enjoy while trekking along the coastline or through forests and mountains while admiring the magnificent landscape and watching the diverse wildlife. Alternatively, if you are archaeology lover, you can visit ancient ruins and beautiful monasteries. Springtime is also when the cherry and almond trees blossom, forming the truly perfect instagrammable setting, so grab a bike and enjoy one of the various scenic and captivating routes on offer. The sea is quite warm during spring, so you’ll definitely appreciate some of the nicest blue flag beaches in Europe at their best. Also, it is the ideal time to go for some wine tasting at the many quaint boutique village wineries, which produce amazing local wine and the famous Cyprus drinks zivania and commandaria, or visit some of the island’s numerous springtime festivals. For bird enthusiasts, there are many avian spring visitors, such as swallows, storks, and cuckoos, so get your binoculars and go bird watching!

cavo greco

The warm and pleasant spring climate in Cyprus is perfect the several stunning and signposted nature trails of Cavo Greco National Park. One of these trails is part of the E4 European Long-Distance Trail, which runs from Cyprus to Gibraltar while you can also hike the Aphrodite nature trail, along the North-East coast of Cavo Greco, which is 2 km long. During your hike, you’ll have the chance to visit the whitewashed, small church of Agoi Anargyroi.  For the cycling lovers, there is an amazing trail with striking sea views that leads to the secret-to-many “Cyclops Cave” and the near-by picnic site. Conveniently, the nine trails of the area have many benches in high vantage points so you can appreciate the astounding scenery and exquisite beauty of the crystal blue waters and the natural surroundings. Simultaneously, since Cavo Greco has also got warm sea temperatures and great visibility, it forms the prime place for boat trips and divers who can snorkel around the Palace caves.

The island is famous for its numerous lovely churches, each of them holding their own distinct character and individual beauty. Undeniably, one of the most picturesque churches in Cyprus is the Church of Profits Elias, built in 1984 on a steep cliff, in the Protaras area. Due to its location, you can see it from many miles away. To visit the chapel though is not that simple since you have to climb 165 steps. Imagine doing that when the sun is burning and it’s 40 – impossible! This is why the spring months are the best time to visit the church and cherish some of the most panoramic and charming views of the island. In the evening, the Church of Profitis Elias is illuminated, rendering it a truly magnificent and magical site to see.

Ayia napa park

For art and archeology fans, the Ayia Napa Sculpture Park is a must visit site. It houses some exquisite sculptures of over 50 artists from around the world. The sculpture park is not only an impressive site to see, but it actually includes some of the best sculptural works of art in the country. Apart from the actual artwork, the park’s location, on the edge of Ayia Napa and right on the coastline, provides fantastic views and a seascape background. For nature lovers, there’s also a Cactus Park with over 8000 kinds of different cacti and succulents with rare beauty and diversity.

Last but not least, don’t miss out on visiting the CyHerbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth, which looks like it was taken out of a fairy tale. The marvelous garden has the form of a meditation labyrinth that consists of hundreds of fragrant lavender plants. The garden also includes a lovely wooden kiosk that is encircled by the divine beauty of the lavenders.  There, you can even have a photoshoot among these captivating purple plants and dreamlike surroundings, or take a where you will feel relaxed from the lavenders’ unique and calming scent. Before you leave, make sure to buy lavender tea bags and remember to try the delicious lavender lemonade squash and lavender cake!

The activities and places you can enjoy in Cyprus are truly countless and spring, as one of the most beautiful seasons, is perfect for experiencing what the island has to offer. All you need to do is make up your mind on which “escape to nature” you want to discover first!

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